PWA Tips of the Week

The pushloop is one of the most impressive jumps on tour and can be performed a number of different ways. We asked the wave fleet to share their top tips for cracking it.

Whether its tweaked, pulled with a table top or just regular, the pushloop is one of the coolest looking jumps in windsurfing and it is a must have for any budding wave sailor. Although smooth and impressive to watch it can be a little tricky to learn so this week we asked the finest wave sailors on the planet to share their best kept secrets so you can learn it as quickly as possible. 

Kenneth Danielsen (F2 / Simmer)

“My tip for learning the push loop is to find a steep wave to take off of. As soon as you leave the wave, sheet out with your backhand as hard as you can, and at the same time throw your head back. This will start the rotation of the pushloop. When you are fully rotated spot the landing by looking under your back arm. Try to land on the tail of the board for a soft landing.”

Evi Tsape (F2 / North)

"Make sure you choose a steep ramp that will send you up vertically (don't try it off an "open" wave because it's harder) and remember to lead the rotation with your head. If you look aggressively at the top of your mast once you initiate the move and lift up your head again to look at the horizon once you are mid-way through it, you should be able to stick it"

Kai Lenny (Naish)

"The easiest way to learn a pushloop would be as you approach a fairly steep wave turn downwind a little bit and as you begin to reach the top of the wave turn up wind and really look over your front hands shoulder. That will send you into a standard pushloop rotation without much effort. As time progresses you will learn how to stall and tweak it as much as you would like."

Phillip Horrocks (JP / Gaastra)

“You want to go fast at a wave that's not quite as steep as a backloop ramp, a bit less than vertical, take some rotation off the ramp and go for it!! The key thing that stuck in my head when learning was to pull in on the front arm at the top to go over the sail, that also meant that you were then able to push out on the front arm to control the rotation as you come down, I learnt that after wildly over rotating a bunch in some kind of crazy death spin!! After that I could control it pretty easy. Have fun! Expect pain! But you will overcome it!!”

Amanda Beenen (Dakine)

“I think the best tip is to have absolutely no fear and full commitment to do the jump. It's all in the head.”

John Skye (RRD)

“Pull the front hand into the chest.... that’s it. Simple but key!”

Pablo Ramirez

“First thing you have to do is to not be afraid of trying it and go for it. You have to look for a good ramp, and go for it fully planning. Then, you should jump like on a backloop and while going up, look back and try to "push" the sail against the wind as on a shove it or a shaka. Once you have pushed and finished the pushloop rotation open the sail to stop the rotation and try to land it.”