Crossing the Limits

PWA freestyler and video production king Jakub Kosmowski has announced big plans to document the whole 2012 PWA World Tour.


Crossing the Limits - is a documentary series about the behind the scenes life of the riders, and the PWA crew members traveling and competing on the world tour in each discipline: Wave, Freestyle and Slalom.

The series will be made up of around twelve episodes each around thirty minutes long and will be released after each competition on the tour, offering a completely fresh insight into the world of professional windsurfing. It will be a documentary about an elite group of windsurfers battling for their goals, whether it is achieving a world title, making the top five or the top ten.

Currently Crossing the Limits has a great partner: two times Emmy award winning Steve Weiss, who will offer his talents to finish the documentary, and once the finished product is created the show has a chance of being broadcast on the Discovery channel. 

However before that can be achieved, the series needs a lot of support from the industry, and outside sponsors. So they are inviting you to check out their project site HERE and to share it with anyone you know in order to get the project off the ground. 

The project will provide incredible opportunities for exposure, and has already had fantastic feedback from all over the media. Alongside the shows the team will be running bi-weekly and bi-monthly features in the major windsurf magazine websites and on many more extreme sports websites.

To find out a whole load more about the project make sure you check out the project website HERE, ‘Like’ the Facebook page HERE and follow what they are up to on Twitter #crossingtlimits.