Quatro on tour

One of the most advanced board brands have joined the PWA for 2012.

Following on from yesterday’s news that Goya is on board for 2012, we are extremely proud to announce that the influential and highly successful board brand Quatro will be supporting the PWA in 2012.

The idea for Quatro was developed in 1994 on the shores of Maui. For the very beginning Quatro have had one goal to become the most influential and successful water sports board brands ever, and they still follow that goal today.

Quatro represents energy and everything they do from their shapes to graphics expresses that feeling. What started out as making private board from their own use and constantly testing different shapes quickly evolved into orders for the worlds best, to win podium positions.

In 2012 the unique board brand is still based on Maui, allowing them to be extremely close to the action, and any changes and developments can be made in an instant.

This season Quatro will be supporting the PWA with a number of world-class riders representing them on tour, including Camille Juban (Quatro / MauiSails / MFC).

Keith Teboul states: “It was in 1994 that the urge to evolve the sailing of Maui's finest riders led to the creation of Quatro. We would meet during and after sessions on the beach, watching each other ride different shapes and seeing how it affected our riding. But even before our private boards were finished, we already had first orders from guys on the PWA. And not just any orders. Nine out of the ten top professional windsurfers would ride Quatro boards and win titles on them. Most still do today. We are deeply indebted to you all. You are part of the research and development that sets our boards apart.

But really, none of noting is a secret, the plain truth is that we just love making boards, love our sport and love the PWA.”

For everything Quatro make sure you head over to www.quatrointernational.com.