Chris Benz Watches Intl.

The PWA are extremely proud to unveil our new sponsors Chris Benz Watches

Have you been searching for a watch that can withstand the strains of windsurfing as well as the bite of a Great White Shark?

If you have, then look no further than Chris Benz Watches. These watches are produced with the intention that they can endure the toughest underwater usage, without compromising their ergonomic design and outstanding reliability. There is no better way of illustrating this than by the fact that Chris Benz Watches are the only watches in the world that can survive the jaws of a Great White Shark. And that’s solely because we use ultra-scratch proof sapphire glass in our watches, which can only surpassed in hardness by diamond.

The SHARK PROOF test was carried out under real conditions by experienced divers and shark experts off the waters of Gansbaai in South Africa known as Shark Alley. During the test, the watches were subjected to the bite test by a real Great White Shark in the wild. Only CHRIS BENZ watches, which have survived this bite test, may rightfully be described as SHARK PROOF (“shark-bite resistant”).

The Chris Benz Ocean Team consists of divers, surf icons and other professional athletes around the world, all of whom live by the Chris Benz philosophy : To live and love the underwater world and its watersports. These international sportsmen of the CHRIS BENZ Ocean Team push their lives to the limit in order to push the boundaries of their sports, and they choose to do so with Chris Benz Watches strapped to their wrists. This provides our products with the ultimate test, and in turn acts as our greatest testimonial. OWN THE WATER - no problem with Chris Benz.

Chris Benz Watches are much more than just a watch, they represent a special attitude towards life. A special attitude which connects people all over the world - dive in and be a part of CHRIS BENZ - SHARK PROOF.

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