The Islas Canarias PWA Awards

Are you ready for something completely new?

The PWA is extremely proud and excited to announce the launch of the Islas Canarias PWA Windsurfing Excellence Awards. This is an entirely new concept of awards and they evolved from you the riders. The awards will run every year starting from now, with the winner of each category being announced in January of the following year.

The Islas Canarias PWA Windsurfing Excellence Awards will consist of a variety of categories, which are; Biggest wave of the year, jump of the year, best single wave riding move of the year, freestyle move of the year, wipe out of the year and the racing move of the year. There will also be a completely separate set of awards for; PWA sailor of the year, an honorary award, photographer of the year, short film of the year and last but not least an award for outstanding achievement in windsurfing cinematography. One things for sure these awards leave no stone unturned. 

The really exciting part about the Islas Canarias PWA Windsurfing Excellence Awards is that they are open to absolutely everyone, so whether you are a full time pro or a weekend warrior, you now have the opportunity to pit yourself against the best in the world. Perhaps even more excitingly the Islas Canarias PWA Windsurfing Excellence Awards offer the you the potential to become a star in the windsurfing world.

A massive thank you must go to the Islas Canarias because without their sponsorship these awards would not be possible. The Canaries are a beautiful and special place with stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and wall-to-wall sunshine meaning there is something for absolutely everyone. Furthermore the wide range of conditions on offer year round, mean that whether you are a radical wave head or a family looking for a tranquil retreat, these islands possess the magic to far surpass your dreams.

All that’s left for you to do is to head over to the PWA website and fill out the submission form combined with your link, of either an image or video clip, which you would like to nominate. Your fate from there is in the hands of the PWA committee.

So what are you waiting for? Get those entries rolling in and good luck.

For more information on the Islas Canarias PWA Windsurfing Excellence Awards just click HERE.