Who are Different Eyewear?

The PWA is delighted and extremely proud to announce our latest new sponsor, Different Eyewear.

Different Eyewear is the creation of Tine Slabe (RRD / Challenger Sails / Different Eyewear) who currently competes on the PWA Slalom World Tour, and his partner Tomaz Bertok, who is a full time ski instructor.

Different Eyewear represents a totally new culture, and we are creating a community comprising of different people, all of whom have the desire to achieve more. We are searching for people who want to change the World we live in, because of their immense passion for something, anything. It is this passion which instills the drive in them to get out of bed each morning.

Different Eyewear sponsor the current PWA Freestyle World Champion Steven Van Broeckhoven (JP / Neilpryde / Different Eyewear) because he wasn’t scared to show he was different, here’s Steven’s story:

Steven van Broeckhoven (B-72) was a Belgium kid with a big dream to one day become the best in the world. He learned his first moves on the Belgium coast before moving to train in Bonaire. It did not take long before he showed his talent. The shy guy was 100% focused on his passion, windsurfing, and the moves were becoming, after hours of hard training, more clean and explosive. In 2009  Steven van Broeckhoven made his first big step forward as he was crowned the European Freestyle Windsurf Champion. He repeated his success in 2010 and finished 4th in the world. He was ready to achieve more! He was training more than ever and in 2011 he realized his dream. Steven Van Broeckhoven became the PWA Freestyle World Champion!

He still is passionate about windsurfing and he still likes to travel and sleep in his van. Steven van Broeckhove is Different!

We at Different Eyewear believe that everyone and anyone can be different. We don’t believe it’s just the pro’s who should be able to achieve their very own pro model, we believe everyone has the right to live their dream through their passion. Different Eyewear gives everyone the opportunity to become a star in the Different World and to transform their dreams into reality . All you have to do is prove to us that you are different by heading over to our website. If we deem that you are different enough, we will reward you with your very own pro model of Different sunglasses.

Can you tell us about your new model of sunglasses?

We actually unveiled our latest model at the PWA Surf World Cup Podersdorf in our Different stand. Our new model of Different Sunglasses are purely made from wood. Our reason for this is that we believe that you recharge yourself from nature, so we think that by having wooden sunglasses, we create the connection between ourselves and nature. These sunglasses are completely unique.

Start your journey to become different now by heading over to the Different Eyewear website HERE and tell your story, explain your passion and maybe the next model will have your name on. Their online shop can be found HERE.

Also be sure to join the DIfferent Eyewear community on Facebook to become different now. Just click HERE.

See the Freestyle World Champion in action HERE.