With the competition already completed today was a very relaxed affair. Quite a few sailors were out testing and training in the morning, before the wind dropped back a little in the afternoon. This left El Cabezo looking a lot quieter than it has done for the past few days.

With not much going on, on the water we caught up with Amanda Beenen (F2 / North) :

PWA : How has your week in Tenerife been?

Amanda : “It has been a very exciting week! I have been here in Tenerife for two months now. It is a very nice spot in which you benefit from knowing it. I was pretty nervous for my first heat since I really wanted to do really well here. I think I learned a lot since last year and really hoped to show it all off at the Tenerife event. I am very happy that I had the help and support from my sailing buddies here like Adam Lewis (Patrik / Point-7), the OTC boys and of course my boyfriend! It really helped me to stay calm just by having them around. The event all together was super nice and I was happy that Dany Bruch (Starboard / Severne / AL360) pulled it off!”

PWA : You finished 6th overall, are you happy with your result?

Amanda : “Of course it goes without saying that I am very excited! Especially coming from last year's events finishing in 12th or 13th place. I can say that from January until now I tried to spend more time on the water than ever before and I can see that this definitely paid off. I am still determined to increase my level and improve more and hope to do even better in the future.”

PWA : What are your plans between now and the next wave event?

Amanda : “The next girls event will be in Sylt. I have to honest to say that I am not sure if I am going to make it to this PWA event due to some other exciting windsurf trips that I have planned. But for the next few months I will stay on the island and enjoy sailing here! The winter will be spent in Cape Town SA. Most probably for 3 or 4 months to train.”

PWA : You changed over from KA sails to North?  

Amanda : “Coming to Tenerife thanks to my training buddies here I started experimenting with different sort of equipment and even before I had the opportunity to join North I already tried the Hero, which I thought was a very nice sail and suits my style. When the opportunity arose to join North I just went for it. And I have to say I am very happy with my decision.”

PWA : How are you finding your new kit? 

Amanda : “I am now using the 2013 Hero sails mostly in combination with 

my 70L F2 Rave Twinfin. It's the 4 batten wave sail. Since I am used to powerful sails such as the North Hero they were the obvious choice for me. It has a lot of drive in all sorts of conditions. I like the feeling that you have something in your hands but still keep the easy handling. Trimming the sails in different ways shows how big the wind range is on this sail. What I also found is that I now seem to take almost a sails size smaller than before.”

PWA : Favorite move and what are you trying to learn next?

Amanda : “Favorite move is always such a hard question because It tends to change for me once in a while ha-ha! At the moment I'm just fully into wave riding, so at the moment I am really enjoying making a good cutback! I need to work more on my jumping so that is on the menu for now.”

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