Adam Lewis On Form

An interview with Adam Lewis after breaking into the top ten for the first time

Fresh from his best result ever on the PWA Tour, after finishing 9th at the PWA Tenerife World Cup, we caught up with the man himself, Adam Lewis (Patrik / Point-7).

PWA : You've just finished in the top ten for the first time on the PWA tour, you must be delighted with how the event in Tenerife went?

Adam Lewis : "Yeah, its pretty unreal. The whole PWA thing started for me here last year with winning the super session so it's really cool to do better again this year. I'm super happy, although, I definitely hope its not the last top ten place this year." 

PWA : You are a local to the spot, El Cabezo, do you think you were able to use your local knowledge to your advantage?

Adam Lewis : "For sure, I think it really helped a lot with the wave selection, that was something the judges are really keen on, finding the biggest wave and riding down the line frontside. You'd think being familiar with the spot would also help with dodging the reef wouldn't you? But I still managed to end up on it a few times too!"

PWA : You've recently changed from Quatro to Patrik boards, how are you finding the new boards and are you still adapting to them?

Adam Lewis : "There was something really familiar about jumping onto the new boards. I always liked Patrik's boards when he was shaping for F2. I used the Trailer waves for the first time in Pozo and then over here (Tenerfife) I only had 3 days before the event which I was a little concerned about. After the first session in Tenerife I was just in love with the 78 Trailer wave, it's epic! They are a lot faster than quads and still have a lot of grip, which really helps here because you are that much faster which means you can go a lot more vertical and smack it off the top before speeding round to the next section."

PWA : You are involved with the Point-7 development team, what does this involve for you?

Adam Lewis : "At the moment it involves quite a lot. Before Pozo I was in Italy with our designer Claudio and we have been working on quite a few new projects. One being our new 3 batten waves sail called the SWAG, I just tested the 3DL version and it weighs only 2.2 Kgs and it is still very stable. The guys really believed in me from the start and we have now be working together on the sails for quite some time. Now the performance of all the wave lines are more or less my responsibility."

PWA : Favourite move?

Adam Lewis : "I don't know... there's too many for me to choose one so, 

Big hacks, Wave 360s, Doubles, it's still hard to beat a good old fashioned floaty backie."

PWA : Finally what are your plans between now and the next event?

"I'm going to stay here in Tenerife for August based at the OTC.

I really need to get my doubles 100% nailed before Denmark. Myself and Dany Bruch (Starboard / Severne / AL360) held a wave clinic between the 21st and 28th July and there is more in the pipeline. So if you want to improve your wave sailing we have the solution."