Point-7 Sails 2K13

Point-7 have released their 2013 Wave Sails range, check them out now.

The fantastic Point-7 Sails have just released their 2K13 Wave Sails line, featuring, 3, 4 and 5-batten models in the shape of the: Salt 2G, Sado 3G and the SWAG:

Here’s what Point-7 have to say about their exciting new range:

Salt 2G - Freedom to do magic!

Continuing on the development of the original SALT, the new SALT 2G has been further developed to increase drive and top-end speed whilst reducing overall weight and the feel of the sail. Aiming towards a more agile feel with increased performance characteristics, the SALT 2G takes all our hard work from the first series to make life that bit sweeter when powering down the wave to aim for a hard bottom turn or tearing up the lip when back on the top. The ultra lightweight and balanced drive is perfect for those who go extreme in their manoeuvres and makes easy work of basics like takas and table-tops.

Sado 3G - Grunt power, clad in a lightweight bombproof armour.

Building forth on the 2012 SADO 2G, the newest evolution of this striking sail line features a notable weight reduction, making it easier to take full advantage of the power generated to manhandle the sail through massive manoeuvres. The SADO 3G is all about power and control, allowing lighter surfers to take a smaller sail size and giving heavier surfers sufficient drive at all times.


This new sail line from Point-7 has been developed and tested by Point-7 Riders Adam Lewis (K-516 ) and Nicolas Akgazciyan (F-400). The SWAG is based on nothing more than one-two-three battens only! The outline is kept high-aspect resulting in a very stable and versatile sail body with shorter boom lengths. Power, agility and an ultralight overall weight are the main features of this new 2013 Swagger, making it your new best friend when playing in the waves or throwing moves out on the freestyle shooting range!New leech opening. Special focus on the leech of the sail; the opening of the sail battens  have been changed to increase the top-end speed of the sail and to give a much lighter feel in the hands.

For more information and to see the full specifications head over to the Point-7 Sails website HERE.