Victor Fernandez

Victor Fernandez talks about the 2012 PWA Tour so far and his exciting brand new center


Hi all, here we are with Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / North), after a hectic schedule in the Canaries, we finally have some time to discuss his new project.

PWA : Hi Victor, how are you after the events in Pozo and Tenerife, we had some strong winds this year...

Victor Fernandez: “I´m very stoked with my performance at the first two wave events on the tour, 2nd at Pozo & 3rd at El Medano. We had one of the windiest event I can remember at Pozo in the last eight years, especially in the single elimination final against Philip Koster (Starboard / NeilPryde / Maui Ultra Fins). I could hardly handle my 3.4 this year but it’s always fun and exciting, I love sailing in strong wind conditions.”

PWA : So Victor, we hear that you have opened a windsurfing center? 

Victor Fernandez : “Yes, I´m really stoked. I´ve opened a new sport center where I offer four different sports: Windsurf, Surf, Kitesurf & SUP. Actually we offer windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons for beginners & we have already had more than 90 courses.”

PWA : That must have been a lot of work? What with training, traveling and competitions etc. I am sure that our readers would like to know how you managed it, what was the easiest part (if any) and the most difficult part of opening your own center? 

Victor Fernandez : “This project would not have been possible without the collaboration of my parents and the VFCenter Team that work for us. I also have to thank El Ejido-Almerimar town council for their amazing support, and of course the positive response of the visitors since the opening ceremony. It is difficult to manage it all when I am travelling but I have a great team working for me, their life is sport, they all practice it & understand it so it is important for me. 

PWA : Are you there sometimes also? Where is it exactly? 

Victor Fernandez : “Yes, I´ve been here for three weeks now but I´m not always here because I am competing on the PWA Tour, and also because of other various trips and promotional events, but the times when I am at home I spend at the Center to see how the clients enjoy the sports that VFCenter offers.”

PWA : We presume that this is one of the locations that you sail? Can you tell us a little about the wind conditions? Can clients sail there all year round or is it specific months only? 

Victor Fernandez : “Yes, Almerimar is the spot where I started windsurfing. The VFCenter website showcases thirteen different spots for windsurfing, kitesurfing, Surfing & SUP in a variety of port and starboard tack conditions. We can windsurf all year round because the weather is great and we have a huge range of conditions. We are the only Center that is open all year round.”

PWA : What can you tell us about the center? What equipment can we expect to see when we visit the center? 

Victor Fernandez : “We are located in the prime location, next to AR Hotel Almerimar. You can also find a world class Golf Course, a beautiful harbor and plenty of other tourist attractions in the vicinity of the center. We offer the highest quality products possible with Fanatic Board, North Sails, Quiksilver and MFC. They are my sponsors and the brands I use to compete on the PWA World Tour. 

PWA : How can our readers contact and check out the center, do you have a website and an email contact? 

Victor Fernandez : “Yes, our website can be found @ in both Spanish and English for our customers convenience. You can also reach us via Facebook and Twitter too @VFCenter. Our contact email is also on the website  

PWA : That sounds great, we look forward to visiting you one day. Thank you very much and all the best from Almerimar.