Watch the trailer to Andre Paskowski and Jose Gollito’s new movie REWARDED, right here, right now

At the recent PWA event in Sylt you may remember that we carried out an interview with Andre Paskowski about the imminent release of his new project, RAW, which consists of two movies; Magic Moments and Rewarded. Now you can read the remainder of the interview right here. The first part of the interview can be found HERE.

PWA: As a self financed project, what was your motivation behind making the movies and how did you manage to fund such a project?

AP: “The movie has some support from Fanatic and North but the major cost I paid myself. Movie making is extremely expensive, but I still hope that one day it will be the standard to have High Quality windsurfing movies. In my eyes only the Highest Quality movies can showcase the greatness of our sport in general, but also every individual rider. Our sport needs to have movies like that coming out weekly - about all the riders - that would be a dream. Windsurfing is cool. But somehow young guns don’t see it as so cool. They prefer surfing movies or skating. Only with moving Imagery on a cool edit with the highest camera standards can we attract some young punks. They all have iPods, iPhones, iPads and whatever else - we need to create more cool content.

So I was tied... Should I make something that fits the budget I have or something my mind asks for. I decided on the second option like all the other times as well. And sooner or later I hope it pays of. Right now I may be creating the best moving images in the whole of windsurfing. But financially I probably make the worst job. Anyway. I love the products.”

PWA: Over the course of your four months of filming, which locations did you visit and did you have a favourite place?

AP: “We went to Venezuela, Fuerteventura and Tarifa. Venezuela was last minute and Tarifa was in exchange for Brazil. Unfortunately I can not really plan my life longer then 4-8 weeks and that makes it hard to travel and fly. So lots of last minute calls and changes in destinations. That’s why I am personally even more proud about the outcome, but it should not be a reason for other people to like the movie, or not. They should watch it, and imagine that everything in the background was easy and clean.”

PWA: You are producing some of the best windsurfing cinematography in the world, do you already have thoughts and ideas about future projects?

AP: “I have so many ideas, but I can not plan my future as well as before. So all the plans are sometimes very alive and sometimes they seem unreachable. My biggest difference of late was that I created a new company called FRUITLOOP Productions GmbH. It is a step I made to show that what we do is professional. Somehow I believe that some companies still believe that there is this little windsurfer Andre Paskowski, who makes some movies. But we are more. We can basically create anything. FRUITLOOP owns cameras, cranes, everything is to the highest standard and I think we can please everybody's interests.”

PWA: Will the movies purely be web-based or will they be available on DVD too?

AP: “I thought long and hard about it and in the end I decided that the movie is too short for DVDs. Also the work with DVDs (Packing, Sending etc) is never ever ending. We thought about using iTunes and Pay-Per-Load, but in the end, I want as many people to watch it as possible. I felt that most people would feel fear to buy a 20 minute windsurfing iTunes movie. So  the plan is to release the Vimeo movie for free on Itunes BUT... If people like the movie and think it would be great to have more movies with a similar or better level then they could donate some money. Here everything helps!!! If people think... Great movie, but it’s not worth some Euros then that is also ok. They should have a great time and enjoy the movie anyway.”

Excitingly the trailer to Rewarded is now online here and it will definitely leave you eagerly anticipating the full release on the 23rd October. Amazingly this stunning piece of imagery will be available for free. If you would like to see more movies like this in the future, and you think it deserves it, then there is a dedicated page for donations HERE. All donations are greatly appreciated, no matter how big or small.

To see the incredible trailer preview of Rewarded, featuring the newly crowned five times freestyle world champion Gollito Estredo, just click HERE.

To visit the dedicated Rewarded website click HERE.