Andre Paskowski unveils his powerful, compelling and truly inspiring new movie

Last week we showed you the Rewarded trailer, which is the second part of Andre Paskowski’s latest project RAW, now Andre brings you the inspiring first part of the project, Magic Moments.

Magic Moments is a short clip which offers a deep insight into Andre’s emotional life. It is important to recognise, however, that Magic Moments is not a farewell story. It is Andre’s compelling and engrossing message to never give up fighting.

Paskowski, who is a former two-times European Freestyle Champion, unfortunately had to put his sporting career on hold, having being diagnosed with cancer in 2010. However, the words ‘never give up’ have never rang truer than with regard to Andre, who found a new meaning in life in the form of filming.

Since turning his focus and attention to the world of film, Paskowski, has gained recognition throughout the entire windsurfing community and further afield for being one of, if not the, greatest producer of windsurfing cinematography. To date Paskowski has produced remarkable films such as; “Wet and Salty”, “Flashback” and “Four Dimensions”. The pinnacle thus far has been achieved by the critically acclaimed “Minds Wide Open”, which was released in 2011 and was later nominated for participation at the X-Dance Action Sport Film Festival in Salt Lake City, USA.

Rewarded will now excitingly follow in the footsteps of “Minds Wide Open” having also being nominated for the upcoming X-Dance Action Sport Film Festival, which will be held in November. You’ll be able to see the full release of Rewarded on the 23rd October. If you haven’t seen the trailer already then make sure you check it out here and here.

Andre’s latest project was privately financed and as a result the project costs were merely covered. Both of these incredible films will be available for your viewing pleasure online for free. If you’d like to see more stunning windsurfing cinematography in the future, and you feel it deserves it, then a dedicated donation page can be found here. All donations are greatly appreciated no matter how big or small.

To see Andre’s powerful, compelling and truly inspiring new movie click here.