An interview with the newly crowned 2012 PWA Wave World Champion Iballa Ruano Moreno

Iballa Ruano Moreno (Starboard / Severne) performed brilliantly over the course of the season as she won every event this year to be crowned the deserved 2012 PWA Wave World Champion. This was Iballa’s first world title since 2007, and on the way to victory she truly raised the bar for women’s sailing. First of all the newly crowned champion pulled an amazing frontside wave 360 at the opening event of the year in Pozo to become the first woman in thirteen years to defeat her sister, Daida Ruano Moreno (Starboard / Severne) on their home waters. Iballa then continued to push the level even higher in Tenerife as she became the first woman ever to land a goiter on the wave in a heat. By this point Iballa was in control of the title race and at the final event of the year, Sylt, she made no mistakes to ensure that she finished the season in that prestigious first place. After a week or two’s break to recover the PWA caught up with Iballa to see what it is like to be the PWA Wave World Champion again and more.

PWA: Iballa, congratulations on your 2012 PWA Wave World Title. How does it feel to win a fifth world crown and your first since 2007?

Iballa: “I’m happy to be there always on the top with my sister. It’s not easy to keep up the level and keep improving every year. I’m happy to be able to show the world that girls can also sail good and definitively happy with the support of our sponsors because without them, this would not be possible!”

PWA: What was best and also the worst moment on the tour?

Iballa: “Best moment was when we made the event in Gran Canaria happen. It was a great experience and our Club Morenotwins was making a great effort to make it happen.  Also it was brilliant to see the event have great conditions everyday and not less important that Daida and I were in the finals again!”

“Tenerife was great too. I think both of us put on a good show in the water and pulled out some great moves to keep women’s windsurfing growing! I didn’t have any bad moments this season!!! I had fun in all of the events and enjoyed the sailing all the time. Also when I was off tour I had a blast enjoying every second! Sailing and with the SUP. Last year was hard with some bad news coming to the family but that’s finally over! All we can do now is to enjoy everyday of our lives.”

PWA: Where are you going to be during the winter?

Iballa: “I’m now on my way to a SUP contest (Spanish Nationals). I will keep training in SUP and windsurfing like I have been doing the last year! To keep growing as an athlete.  And probably some nice windsurf and SUP trips!!!”

PWA: Is there any particular training schedule you will be using? If so, what does this consist of?

Iballa: “At the moment I’m very focused on SUP when there is no wind!! It keeps me really fit and I really enjoy it. Starboard is supporting me also on this aspect so I’m really happy to keep following my dreams this way. Surfing and SUP when there is no wind and running or biking when there is nothing else to do. My motivation is growing continuously so I constantly need to be doing something!”

PWA: What would be your tips for someone who wants to start competing on the tour?

Iballa: “We know there is a lot of women out there that have a dream, to be able to become a professional windsurfer. We are all here to help. I know the road is not easy, but the best thing you can do for your life is live it to it’s full potential and always follow your dreams. If you need help with anything you can always contact us @morenotwins or @PWA Women's World Tour Windsurfing via Facebook.”

PWA: What is your favourite sail and board set-up?

Iballa: “My favourite rig it’s 70L Quad Starboard 2013 and 4,2 Blade from Severne. :)”

PWA: Favourite Move?

Iballa: “I like always trying new things…to improve my wave riding and jumping!!! Improving everyday is my motivation!!”

PWA: Favourite drink?

Iballa: “Water ;) and a beer after a great session!”

PWA: Favourite food?

Iballa: “I love eating at home with friends!”

PWA: Favourite movie? 

Iballa: “I love going to the cinema once a week, at least, to watch the latest movie…so I don’t have a favourite.”

PWA: How many hours a week do you go windsurfing?

Iballa: “It depends on the conditions normally! In summer almost everyday and winter 2-3 week overall…obviously it depends on the forecast. Of course I’d like to sail everyday but sometimes its good to give the body a little rest!”

PWA: If you can't go windsurfing, what is the best training alternative?

Iballa: “Surfing or SUP, it keeps me in a good form!!! And I love it.”

PWA: Any tips on how to plan a windsurfing trip? For example, How to pack the gear to avoid damage and save weight? 

Iballa: “What I learnt over the years is that the lighter you can travel the better! But you don’t want to get to a place with the wrong sail or board. It’s best to check Magic Seaweed or WindGuru for the latest wind forecast and then make your call. If you are missing something I’m sure you can rent at the place! Don’t pack your bag over 32kg each and try not to put boards, sails mast and booms all in one place, unless the bag really is built for that…. :) Enjoy your trip!”

PWA: Thanks Iballa, have a good winter and we look forward to seeing you competing again in 2013.

You can keep up to date with both of the legendary twins via their website. Also be sure to ‘like’ their Facebook page: morenotwins.