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11/15/2012 - created by Chris Yates


PWA star Olya Raskina presents this stunning trailer, which gives an insight into her latest project

Olya Raskina (JP / NeilPryde) and her friends Alex Zlobinskiy and Seva Shulgin have been enjoying the world class conditions of Chile and Mauritius. Filming for the movie actually began a year ago, but due to financial constraints the release has been delayed. Thankfully their situation has now improved and they are frantically editing the rest of the footage for an anticipated release date in March 2013. For now you will just have to admire this trailer to wet your appetites.

Not only is the project now fully underway again, but they also have on board the team Lena Bam, who is an extremely talented Russian editor and has plenty of experience working with the likes of Roxy and MTV. Upon hearing this news we are even more excited about the full release as it should see yet another stunning piece of windsurfing cinematography. 

The full movie will be available for free, however if you feel that the movie deserves it then there is already a donation button located on the trailer page, just below the video. All proceeds from the movie will go directly to charity so it truly is a worthy cause . Here’s what Olya had to say:

“There's a tip jar next to our video and we kindly ask you to make little donations as we will give all the money, every cent and every penny to charity. I've been spending quite a lot of time at home in Moscow lately and it's impossible not to notice how bad the situation is in the hospitals, how poor and desperate kids are there struggling to get any medication. We want to help out as much as we can. Our goal is to finish the movie by March, promote it in Russia collecting donations and post it for free to the internet where u can tip it as well if you like it.”

To see this amazingly captivating new trailer just click here.

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