A chat with the new British wave sailing champion Jamie Hancock

PWA: What are your thoughts on how your year went on the PWA World Tour?

JH: “Not too great actually, there were no really great results and had a pretty bad finish in Sylt. Its hard not to judge the year based on your last result. I was unlucky a couple of times, losing 94-93 points in Tenerife to Klaas was one in particular. Sometimes they go your way and sometimes they don’t.”

PWA: After the final PWA event of the year in Sylt, you then went to compete at the last couple of events on the British Wave Association tour(BWA). Where did that see you traveling to and how did the events go?

JH: “The British tour is very good with great locations and a high level of sailors. We currently have 5 guys in the PWA top 20 competing on the British circuit. Unlike the current PWA wave tour we have a variety of conditions which makes the results all a little less predictable. After Sylt the final 2 legs of the tour were in Tiree and Cornwall in Scotland and England. I won the last event in Cornwall taking the overall title with fellow Gaastra / Tabou team mate finishing 2nd overall for the year.”

PWA: Congratulations on the British Wave Sailing Title, that’s a great way to end the year, you must be delighted?

JH: “Yea I’m really happy. I love sailing in the UK and to finish the year on such a high is perfect and really motivating for going into next year.”

PWA: Do you think there was anything in particular that helped you reclaim the title for the first time since 2009?

JH: “I think the variety in conditions was definitely a contributing factor. There are a lot of guys that are very strong in side on Port tack but when you have a mixed bag of conditions then everything changes. My equipment has been really good. This year the boards and sails have been working really well and have felt great on the water. Also getting a replacement larger board for the final event in Cornwall definitely helped.”

PWA: What’s your favourite kit setup? and do you use a different line of sails/boards for varying conditions?

JH: “I travel with 2 boards and 2 different types of sails. The dacurves come with 5 slot box fin options which really helps as I often change my fin set up for different locations. I also have a set of Gaastra Manics and Pure’s. The manics are my traditional go to wave sails for down the line, big waves and strong winds. But I also have a few of the pure’s as I love their balanced feel and early planing for onshore, smaller waves and lighter winds.”

PWA: Favourite place to sail? And most memorable day(s) to date?

JH: “I recently got back from a trip with JC and Timo Mullen to the Outer Hebrides. For me that is one of the best places in the world for windsurfing.”

PWA: What is your current favourite move and what moves will you be training for next year?

JH: “I think wave 360. For next years PWA events I need to learn something that isn’t a backloop.”

PWA: What are your plans for the winter period?

JH: “Hopefully heading to Cape Town. I’d love to go to New Zealand or Oz but with the Gaastra r&d and the port tack world tour it is the only option. Plus I don’t think I can afford to go anywhere else let alone Cape Town. Am considering just heading straight to Pozo.”

PWA: Last year you were involved with the Gaastra sail development in Cape Town, how do you like being involved in the development side of windsurfing?

JH: “I love it. It’s nice to know why your sail is working well or not and how small changes can make big differences. I never realized how much time and work goes into improving sails every year. The winter period in South Africa gives Gaastra the perfect time to get everything right. Getting to spend some time with Peter Munzlinger and Ross Williams was a great and learning how the whole process works. With Peter at the beach and on the water everyday testing the new designs with the team riders its no surprise everything is working so well.”

PWA: You’ve just launched a new website, can you tell us a bit about the kind of content you’ll be uploading and more importantly where we can check it out?

JH: Social media is pretty important these days and this is me doing my part. The website has everything and is supposed to be a simple photo based website. Check it out, www.jamiehancock.com and follow me on twitter at jamiehancock1.”

PWA: Aims and ambitions for 2013?

JH: “Would be nice to retain the British title and push for some top 10 finishes on the PWA tour.”

PWA: Thanks for your time Jamie and congratulations on the British title again!