Austria’s Marco Lang is the latest sailor to sit in the PWA hot seat. Read the interview now

Marco Lang (Fanatic / North) made his debut on the PWA World Tour in 2009 and he is now a regular on the whole tour. The twenty-six year old shares an unrivaled passion for windsurfing and the Austrian simply wants to spend as much time on the water as possible doing the thing that he loves. Lang also shares with us some exciting news, involving a new project, which will see him and his teammate, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (Fanatic / North) set out on a road trip through Argentina. Read our interview with him below.

PWA: Firstly, what are your thoughts on how the 2012 season went and how would you rate your results?

ML: “I am super happy about my season, it was definitely one of my best seasons. I improved my racing a lot.  I was bit disappointed about the overall ranking, but the season is over and now I am looking forward to the upcoming 2013 season.”

PWA: How long have you been windsurfing?

ML: “I started windsurfing when I was 9, so seventeen years. My grandfather taught me to windsurf on a lake in upper Austria, from this point, windsurfing was for me the most important part in my life!”

PWA: Who has been you biggest influence on your sailing?

ML: “My grandfather, he was a great windsurfer!”

PWA: What would you be doing if you weren’t windsurfing?

ML: “I have no idea, I hope something with sport... sport has always been my greatest passion, no matter what.”

PWA: Where is your favorite place to windsurf and why?

ML: “I have no favorite place. In the last three years I saw so many really amazing places. I spent two month on Capo Verde, it's a incredible island. And all the locations on the PWA tour, each tour stop has it´s own special thing.”

PWA: What is your favorite move and why?

ML: “I have no favorite move, I go on the water to have fun.”

PWA: What new moves are you currently learning?

ML: “I try to improve a bit my waves skills.  I want to get better at wave riding and jumping. I would be happy if i can land a dry pushloop.”

PWA: How do you learn your moves and improve your sailing? Videos? Watching others?

ML: “I do both, watching videos and the big guys on the water. Each has its own advantage, if you watch the videos, you can repeat or watch in slow motion. Or you check the guys on the water, sometimes it´s better to see the moves live.”

PWA: Where is your favorite spot on the PWA Tour?

ML: “Fuerteventura, really windy and sunny.”

PWA: What do you do when you’re not windsurfing?

ML: “If i am not on the water, I go to the gym or do some other sports like climb or biking.”

“Or I am thinking about new projects with my sponsor Fabasoft.”

PWA: What are your plans for the winter?

ML: “In the beginning of January I will visit Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (Fanatic / North) at his home in Argentina. At first we doing a road trip through Argentina and surfing the best spots and we will be accompanied by a film crew but more news about the project soon!”

“After Argentina, I don’t know, maybe Tarifa or Tenerife, I will see, but for sure, I will train hard to be prepared for the upcoming season.”

PWA: What are your goals for 2013 and the future?

ML: “My goals for the future are to spend a lot of time on the water and for 2013 that I achieve a good overall ranking.”

PWA: Thanks for your time Marco, and have a great time in Argentina, we look forward to hearing more about the project soon.