After announcing his decision to end his association with Loft Sails, Maciek Rutkowski announces who he will be sailing for next season

For 2013 I decided to join Point-7's Black Team. 

Maciek Rutkowski (Patrik / Point-7): "For 2013 I decided to go Black. And it has nothing to do with my girlfriend or any other stuff you might associate with the stated above. It has more to do with dedication, identity, team spirit, performance and style, all represented by the brand of Point-7. I've known Andrea Cucchi for over 10 years and ever since he started Point-7 every year we were kind of joking about getting me on the team etc but never actually sat down to talk contract, so in a way it felt inevitable, and it's a bit of a funny feeling to finally be on. Couldn't be more excited, specially about the team project and the super cool vibe around it. I been watching those guys last year and seeing how much they push each other just made me think like: "yep, this is it. That's were I wanna be". I hope it's gonna be a mutually beneficial corporation, in fact it already is so I'm pretty confident I chose the right offer.

As for 2013 I'm just gonna continue doing what I've been doing - training, competing in 3 disciplines, travelling, filming, shooting, editing, helping gear developement and enjoying the amazing windsurfing lifestyle. For sure I'd like to put my results a step higher and I'm pretty sure with those sails will not be any harder. I'd like to also finish my university sometime soon, but that looks like a hell of a mission.

At the moment I'm in Western Australia enjoying the world-class waves and being in charge of the Patrik photoshoot. So far it's been the time of my life and we also got some beatiful pics. Midway through the month I'm gonna travel back to freezing Poland, do my exam session (hopefully pass some!) pick up my racing gear, switch the terminator mode on and train my ass off in Tenerife until the season starts.

At this point I would like to also announce the continuation of my corporations with Patrik, Burn, Quiksilver and Unifiber"

Andrea Cucchi, Point-7 CEO: 'We are proud to have Maciek on our Black Team. He is the youngest of the PWA Tour with the best results, and we are happy to support this young motivated 'kid'. Maciek is now in Australia with Adam Lewis photoshooting and will join the rest of the team in January in Tenerife. This summer in Sylt he showed also some good skills in the waves, even if he is more known for his formula and slalom results like multiple Youth World Titles. Maciek has great passion for the sport, he loves to work as a team, and this is what we like. I will give my full support during the main events to Maciek to help him to improve his ranking both in slalom and waves. Welcome to the Dark Side!"

You can check out Maciek’s Facebook fan page here and browse the Point-7 range here.