Find out how life in the ‘Storm Lane’ is from some of the best riders in the world

Following mission one of the Red Bull Storm Chase, which took place in Brandon Bay, Ireland, we caught up with a few of the riders to gain their perspective on how sailing in a storm really is. With gusts of up to 74 knots and monumental 20 foot waves this truly was a competition for those with nerves of steal.

Eventually the following sailors successfully navigated their way through to the next round having survived the brutal conditions; Thomas Traversa (Tabou / Gaastra), Dany Bruch (Starboard / Severne / AL360), Julien Taboulet, Marcilio Browne (Goya Windsurfing / MFC), Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / North) and Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde / Mystic / Maui Ultra Fins). 

Victor Fernandez:

“I never sailed in my life in winds like today, it was crazy and I am very happy to make to the 2nd mission. I used 3.4 Hero during all day, in my first 2 heats I could hardly water start sometimes and my last heat was my best, I did my best waverides and my biggest jump in the last heat.”

Boujmaa Guilloul (Starboard / Severne) :

“It was an amazing experience for me, first time I ever sailed in such strong wind I think average of 72knots, seriously there was some gusts where I got blown away with my 3.0, I had no control a lot of the time and managed to not to hurt myself which is a big win for me, was possibly the perfect conditions to go for something insane and easily hurt myself, I think it's a good concept of competition for windsurfing and I really wish it won't be my last one and more things to come around from it.”

Kenneth Danielsen (F2 / Simmer):

“The Redbull storm chase was for sure the most extreme contest I ever participated in. I was fully overpowered on my 3.4 and most of the time it was hard just going straight. I didn't receive my board bag in time for the contest so I had to go on a borrowed board and harness, so that made it even more difficult for me. But I was really happy to be a part of this contest and big congrats to the boys who made it into the next round.”

Leon Jamaer (Fanatic / Hot Sails Maui) :

“I am happy that we all survived this storm safely, but still competed in the most gnarly conditions I’ve ever sailed in. I would have loved to go on another mission but when I see the top six riders who advanced I am happy for them and think they deserve it for 100%!. The first spot wasn’t that scary. Even though I broke my boom in my first heat far outside after five minutes, the waves pushed me into to the beach after 15 min. The second spot was a different story. We had to be helped by the jetskis to get out and in again. There were massive rocks and some freaky sets too! I think the set waves were about 4m though it was real challenge to ride them... out on the islands you could see waves breaking much bigger also.”

Keep your eyes fixed on the Red Bull Storm Chase website to see when mission two may take place.