Which country has decided to adopt the PWA Racing Rules?

One country has decided to adopt the PWA Racing Rules, two of the whom Andrea Cucchi (Patrik / Point-7) and Alberto Menegatti (Starboard / Point-7), both compete on the PWA World Tour. Cucchi is the man behind Point-7, whilst Menegatti has just joined the dark side of windsurfing. Now we decided to catch up with the president of the AICW Carlo Cottafavi to see exactly why they have adopted the PWA Racing Rules 

PWA: Hello Carlo, can you tell us why have you decided to adopt the PWA racing rules for your national slalom series? 

CC: “Hello everybody and thanks for this chance. In two simple words, Protest and Discussion. The Italian racers would like the PWA rules to avoid the judge to deal an incredible number of protests, that means a big waste of time during the races. Often it’s even impossible to complete the heat.

So we talked with the members of the Italian Windsurf Class and in full democracy this decision was taken. The PWA rules are recognized by ISAF, that means that we are able to try. It’s an experiment! First in the world. Another interesting point is that every racer will use up to 3 boards and 6 sails throughout the season.”

PWA: When did you think about changing the rules? 

CC: “Last year, June 2012, during the Class AGM, the Board proposes this opportunity and the shareholders voted in a positive way.”

PWA: What do you expect to gain from this change? Do you think that more Italian racers will be better prepared to jump to the PWA World Championship?

CC: “First of all, I must clarify that we will also use IFCA rules for some races, like beginners, so to prepare them to jump to the pwa. We want to offer our members more opportunities to evaluate the best route. So, do they want to be professional windsurfers in the PWA? Well they need to know these rules. Do you want to win the World IFCA, well, you have to follow those rules. I expect an increase in competitors and greater appeal to the sponsor(s). We have so many possibilities, use it to grow windsurfing!”

PWA: The Italian windsurfing scene is quite good with some italian top PWA racers, how many stops or events do you have in the Italian series? 

CC: “Today, the best Italian racers are in PWA, which is the dream of all of them! We cannot offer them an Olympic career so that's a big alternative opportunities wise to those who have not had the chance to compete in the RS-X class. Next  June, in the north of Sardinia, they will hold the National Championship, a week of racing with all classes, as the same as a Grand Slam. And from April to October there will be the National Tour that allows everyone to experience the rules. In addition, in various Italian regions there will be some races to start trimming and get used to the slalom.”

PWA: Thanks for your time and wish you good luck for the 2013 tour.

CC: “Thanks to you and thanks to Andrea Cucchi and Alberto Menegatti (Starboard / Point-7) for their  contribution.”