Insane action from the freestyle maestro Steven Van Broeckhoven

In December of last year the 2011 PWA Freestyle World Champion, Steven Van Broeckhoven (JP / NeilPryde / Different) spent three weeks in Sao Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil, along with Kauli Seadi (JP / Hot Sails Maui) and Andraz Zan (F2 / Different), who has produced an incredible new freestyle movie featuring Van Broeckhoven.

The King of Pop is renowned for his explosive style on the water and his latest video is nothing short of outstanding. Prepare yourself for eleven minutes of windsurfing magic in conditions ranging from small waves to perfect flat water. As you would expect the Belgium delivers an outstanding display as he lands anything from monstrous spock konos, sensational air spocks and planing pushloops. Furthermore Van Broeckhoven also lands sick combos such as shaka-ponches and gozzada-burners. Zan’s brilliant edit not only showcases the Belgium’s windsurfing, but it also highlights the stunning scenery and local life that Brazil has to offer. This truly is one movie you cannot afford to miss.

Here’s what Andraz Zan had to say about Over the Sea:

“Movie about the trip to Brazil… a little bit different one… A lot of sailing… 3 trips around Sao Miguel de Gostoso, nice people, cool atmosphere… It should always be like that… fun sailing and not thinking about competition, etc… It comes so much more out of it… Most people who don’t compete know this but the riders, start to forget… You have to experience everything from the trip and just have fun sailing with your friends! Have fun and enjoy! Thanks to Kauli Seadi for all support on this trip! You are the best!”

To see this simply incredible new movie click here.