Do you want to gybe like a pro?

Whether you’re racing on a national level, at a club or just having drag races with your mates everyone of us wants to know how to etch that extra few knots out of the gybes to give you all the important bragging rights once off the water. 

Furthermore if you are racing at any level then gybing can often make the difference between qualifying for the next heat or taking an early trip back to the beach, so gybing really is a crucial part of the racing game. With this in mind we took the opportunity to ask some of the best sailors in the business for their tips on perfecting your gybes.

Patrick Diethelm (Patrik / Loft Sails): “With the gybe I think it’s really important to not sheet out too early. Try to hold your speed, then at the last minute sheet out so you can reduce some of your speed and push really hard on the rail of the board.”

Ben van der Steen (Starboard / Gaastra / Mystic / Different): “Sheet in, hold your rail down and just try to go with the flow of your board.”

Steve Allen (Starboard / Severne): “If you’re scared of the gybe then you’re going to bounce out, so you have to really commit and sheet in really hard to engage the rail. Then it’s all about being confident with it to allow you to gybe fast.”

Cyril Moussilmani (Starboard / Severne): “Make sure you are aware of both the guys directly infront and behind you. If there’s enough space for you to pass, then try to take the opportunity.”

Josh Angulo (Angulo / Gun Sails): “Bend your knees and stick your butt out.”

James Dinsmore (Starboard / Severne): “If in doubt it is much better to go in wide and come out tight. If you come out upwind you will have clean air in which to launch an attack on any sailors ahead and you are also in the best position to defend your position.

If it is super windy and rough then it may help to head into the wind to shed speed and gain control just before you initiate your gybe.”

Finally, good luck on your quest for gybing perfection.