Why heading North makes Nick van Ingen a Fanatic

Nick van Ingen (Fanatic / North / Mystic / Maui Ultra Fins) recently announced that he has changed his sponsors from Starboard and Severne to Fanatic and North. The eighteen year old hotshot from the Netherlands made his debut at the PWA Podersdorf World Cup last year, and he’s readying himself for battle again when the action kicks off a week tomorrow.

Any questions which may have been raised about adapting to his new equipment just before the start of the season have been firmly quashed, as the Dutchman’s latest video shows he’s sailing as well as ever. In this short clip van Ingen bursts through a repertoire of explosive moves as he rotates his way through fully planing air flakas and huge shakas, as well as throwing the latest power moves such as one-handed burners, culos and konos.

With the start of the season just around the corner, we caught up with Nick to find out how he’s adjusting to his new gear and what his aims for the coming season are. 

PWA: When did you change to Fanatic/North? 

Nick: “One week ago I made the decision to change to Fanatic and North. I have been training and testing the equipment for 2 months to get the right feeling :). Now i'm at one with my boards and sails, ready for action and the upcoming competitions.”

PWA: How are you finding the new gear?

Nick: I really like my new gear, the power, lift and stability of the idols is great. It’s a pure freestyle machine, the Fanatic Skates have great slide and good pop. My favorite setup is the Fanatic Skate 89 TE and the Idol 4.5m with 30 knots wind. Everything feels so light in your hands and under your feet.”

PWA: Where have you been training and are you ready for the PWA Podersdorf World Cup?

Nick: “I have been training for two weeks over Christmas in Tarifa, I had some good sessions and training hours over there. After that I had some freezing cold sessions at my home spot: Maasvlakte 2 degrees (windchill -18). It’s a real freestyle paradise over there, a lot of sandbanks with low tide, crazy flat spots behind them and some great incoming small waves for air moves. The last weeks I’ve been focusing on landing all my moves in the chop, to practice them for the competitions.

PWA: What are you aims for the season?

Nick: “First I'm gonna compete at the PWA Podersdorf World Cup and give it everything I have. After that I hope to get a wildcard for PWA Brouwersdam and Sylt. Also I hope to compete at some of the EFPT events this year, and I will even be at the national competitions here in the Netherlands. Outside of the competitions I'm gonna train as much as possible to push my level to the top.”

PWA: Cheers Nick, and good luck in Podersdorf and the rest of the season.

To see Nick van Ingen ripping on his new gear click here.

You can also check out Nick's dedicated website here.