Three world class sailors. One mission.

Windbreeders is the fantastic new movie featuring the 2011 PWA Freestyle World Champion Steven Van Broeckhoven (JP / NeilPryde / Different), Phil Soltysiak (Starboard / Sailworks) and Max Matissek (Fanatic), as they set off to make the impossible, possible.

All of the action is shot in the windsurfing Mecca of Dahab, Egypt, and the trio make full use of the perfect flat water and rolling swell to explode into a plethora of mind-blowing moves. Sit back, relax and enjoy four minutes of epic freestyle as the guys throw anything from super smooth skopus, to burner 900s, radical double-culos and paskos.

Max Matissek is the man behind the edit and we caught up with him to find out more about this sick new video, as well as his thoughts on the opening freestyle event of the year. Read the interview below:

PWA: Windbreeders is a new look for windsurfing videos, who came up with the idea?

MM: “I wanted to make a video purely using GoPro 3 footage only. The goal was to show that a single GoPro is all that you need to make a nice windsurf clip even if you put a bit of a cinematic touch in it as we did with the intro. For the story and the idea itself we all  brainstormed together and wrote a small concept but in the end it was freestyled a bit.

PWA: Was this your first edit? And how long have you been editing videos?

MM: “I’ve edited quite a lot of short clips already. Together with Manuel Grafenauer I also worked a bit in this branch before I decided to go on the PWA tour. Now I edit all my videoclips by myself and most of the Lake Alliance things too.”

PWA: What is it about editing that you find interesting?

MM: “It’s a bit like drawing pictures. I personally think there are some guidelines which are good to follow, but there are no rules at all. And its a sick way to get creative.”

PWA: Can you tell us a little bit about Lake Alliance?

MM: “I would say LA is just kind of an open community with some people keeping the things rolling. It’s about enjoying life to the maximum, having fun, partying, doing a lot of sports and all the other stuff without being too serious and without thinking too much. Haha. No rules! 
The goal is to get more and more people involved in it and to let the family grow.
I recommend everybody who liked the movie or the idea of the LA to join our Facebook group. There's a lot of stuff coming in the future.

PWA: Which camera equipment did you use to capture the footage?

MM: “Just a GoPro Hero 3 and some additional equipment like the LCD screen. I really liked the idea of beeing minimalistic. Of course there are more possibilites and its easier to get sick shots with a DSLR or other cams, but i think it was the challenge which i really liked.

PWA: Do you already have any ideas for your next video? Can you tell us anything about it if you do?

MM: “I’ve got already a lot of ideas. And I still have a lot of footage on my hard-disks which still needs to get cut. But I think the next project will be a sick one together with Phil Soltysiak. But Phil [Soltysiak] says I’m not allowed to tell anybody yet ;-) haha.”

PWA: You finished 17th in the double elimination of the PWA Podersdorf Surf World Cup and in the top ten for the tow-in - were you pleased with your results?

MM: “Yes I was happy with my results. But my goal is to get better of course.”


PWA: What will you be up to between now and the next event in Fuerte?

MM: “Doing some Lake Alliance business and training hard ;-)”

Here’s what they had to say about the video:

“When was the last time you changed the weather purely with your mental strength? In this short movie, Steven Van Broeckhoven, Phil Soltysiak, and Max Matissek, did what seemed the impossible: WINDBREEDERS...
Dead calm, no wind at all. The scorching Egyptian heat was unbearable, and it seemed like an endless spell. There was no sign of change. We summoned every last bit of strength we had, and made it OUR mission, to bring back the wind.”

To watch this brilliant, action packed new movie click here.

You can also keep up to date with all three riders by checking out their respective websites found below:

Steven Van Broeckhoven