Three days, one place, one of the gems of the UK

British wave sailing champion Jamie Hancock (Tabou / Gaastra) has just released a brand new video filmed on the famous ‘Jurassic Coast’ of southern England. Kimmeridge is well known among the wave heads of England thanks to it’s super smooth waves, which make for epic windsurfing and surfing. What makes Kimmeridge even better is the fact that it works in a number of wind directions.

Hancock finished in a brilliant ninth place at the recent PWA Tenerife World Cup, as he put his port tack training into full affect to dispatch of some of the best sailors in the world. In his latest video you can see Hancock ripping up the perfect waves of Kimmeridge on both port and starboard tack, as well as being treated to some massive wipeouts.

Here’s what Jamie has to say about his latest movie: 

“The south of England is famous for its 'Jurassic Coast.' It stretches for over 90 miles consisting of stunning coastline. Kimmeridge picks up some of the most swell for the south coast and makes for an amazing playground for both windsurfing and surfing. It also has the benefit that no kitesurfers can come ruin everyone's days there with the rugged coastline. 
This was filmed over 3 separate days and really is one of my favourite spots in the UK, and the closest reef break to my home. The last day had easterly winds with a windchill of about 2-3 degrees, fresh off the plane from South Africa I foolishly opted for no gloves or boots resulting in what felt like 2 blocks of ice for feet and the most insane hot hands to date. Still, perfect waves and well worth it.”

To see Hancock’s stunning new movie click here.