In the arms of Royalty during the 2013 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup

The small, yet charming, fishing village of Klitmoeller delivered the goods for the fourth successive year as the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup took place once more this September. Over the course of the week Cold Hawaii showed almost every dimension it has to offer, from light winds and glassy waves in glorious sunshine, to driving rain and ferocious wind and waves on the now famous Klitmoeller reef, which has served up outstanding conditions every time the PWA has rolled into town.

This year though, there was an added bonus as the Crown Prince - Frederick André Henrik Christian - of Denmark gave the event his Royal seal of approval. The Crown Prince was well received in front of a packed out crown on the opening Sunday of the event and he even ventured out onto the water. Firstly the Crown Prince truly embraced the event by partaking in windsurfing himself, before later watching the pros in action in Cold Hawaii from his very own jetski, proving that he’s a true waterman himself. 

With the event given the Royal seal of approval the waiting game began as an ever changing forecast and varying conditions made life difficult to begin the contest. However, there was still plenty to do from surfing and SUPing in the world class waves, to even a spot of fishing, or just simply sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

Thankfully the competitors patience was rewarded as the North Sea transformed into its usual ferocious self on the last day, just in the nick time to allow Cold Hawaii to maintain its 100% record. A long and fascinating day on the water eventually saw Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne (Goya Windsurfing / MFC) defeat Philip Koester (Starboard / NeilPryde / Maui Ultra Fins) in a tightly fought final, as the Brazilian claimed his first ever PWA Wave Event victory, which proved the perfect stepping stone for Browne, who went on to clinch his maiden PWA Wave World Championship just six weeks later.

Now the crew from BSP Media have released a fantastic new video summarizing another brilliant KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. Watch the video to see exclusive interviews with some of the top sailors in the world as well as also being able to relive the amazing action, which took place over the duration of the event. Enjoy. 

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