Cape Town vs Maui - The ultimate winter windsurfing destinations

It’s that time of year again when the pros prepare for their winter training, some have already travelled to warmer, windier, climes, whilst others will be departing in a few short weeks. For John Skye (RRD / MFC), who finished 8th overall this years - his best so far - that means returning to his regular haunts of Cape Town, South Africa followed by Maui, Hawaii. 

Cape Town and Maui are both globally renowned, especially within the world of windsurfing, due to their clockwork like trade winds and world class waves. However, it’s not only wave sailors who travel to these two locations as they also offer idyllic conditions for both slalom and freestyle meaning that there’s quite often an entire crew of pros training together within the same area, spurring each other on to continually push their level. 

With Skye’s winter training on the horizon, he takes us through a look back of last year’s sailing in his latest video. The Brit’s new movie starts in classic port tack South Africa as Skye launches in big backloops and pushloops, before transferring to the heralded shores of Ho’okipa where he combines aggressive cutbacks with sick one-handed goiters.

Here’s what Skyeboy has to say about his latest video:

"I really should go somewhere different, but everything is so set up for the South Africa/Maui winters. Roberto has base camp set up in South Africa for all the testing, and then we always head to Maui for the photoshoots. I get sailing on both sides, conditions are always great and I guess the biggest factor is we have learnt over the years the best way to the most out of each trip. So this is South Africa and Maui - Again!"

Of course Cape Town and Maui aren’t the only destinations where the pros will be heading this winter. Many of the world’s top freestylers are currently training in Brazil’s famous spots such as Jericoacoara and Sāo Miguel de Gostoso - and no doubt we’ll soon be seeing the first of many new spectacular videos hitting our screens over next few weeks. Whilst others will have chosen locations such as Western Australia for it’s unbelievable waves, or Bonaire for it’s mirror flat turquoise water. 

To see Skye’s latest brilliant movie click here.

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