Algret sets his sights on defeating the current stars of the slalom world

Tristan Algret (Patrik / Loft Sails / Mystic) made his debut during the PWA Fuerteventura World Cup in 2011, aged just seventeen. Fast forward two years and the man from Guadeloupe is beginning to make his mark on the PWA Slalom World Tour as he continues to progress. In 2013 Algret showed his fantastic top speed time and time again to consistently qualify for the quarterfinals, with a little more composure and perhaps more crucially, experience, there is no doubt that he will soon be booking his place in semifinals and beyond. After being crowned the 2013 PWA Youth Slalom World Champion, Algret has now set his sights on competing and defeating the current stars of the slalom world. Read our interview with the up and coming star of slalom below:

PWA: This year you won the PWA Youth Slalom World Championship, how are you feeling after that?

TA: “The PWA Youth Slalom World title was THE goal for this season, and it was also my focus since I decide to be a Pro windsurfer.”

“It is great to see that all the work done to achieve this first step to reach my final goal which is to race for the top 5 at the end, come true.”

“I’m for sure at the end of this season, feeling that I need to work and learn more and more, which is making me impatient to be next year on the world tour.”

PWA: Does winning the youth title give you added extra motivation to keep improving?

TA: “Thanks to my team I’m pinpointing the missing points in my sailing and racing, and I already have a plan for my winter camp with my friend and Sport biomechanist JJ Rivet, as well as with my friends Pascal Toselli, Pierre Mortefon, Alexandre Cousin and Antoine Questel to progress.”

“I fight a lot with other young guys this season, and realise that I’ll not be the only one to achieve that kind of training …I’m very grateful to have such a friends! By the way this title is very interesting to get, as I really feel I’m a part of the young generation who try to compete against the stars.” 

PWA: What was it that attracted to start slalom?

TA: “I started slalom with my father when I was young around my 13th birthday, and all the Guadeloupe expert I was sailing with,  push me to go further in this discipline. It is true that my body type seems to help me to ride in the « Caribbean styles » After all, I really enjoy speed, since the beginning, as well as passing the other etc…”

PWA: Who are your idols?

TA: “My idols… Sylvie and Pascal my parents for sure!”

PWA: Last year you consistently made it in to the quarterfinals, what aspect of your sailing do you think you need to improve to make it to the next level?

TA: “Yes I did almost all the quarterfinals, but each time I did an error on the last gybe when I was qualifying for the semifinals… Maybe the pressure was too big. I’ll spend time with my friend Jean Jacques RIVET to find a solution for next steps in our winter camp.”

PWA: Apart from slalom, do you wave sail or freestyle? If you do what are your favourite moves / conditions?

TA: “Definitively my best conditions on the water for wave riding, is the reef condition, with medium sails, high jump and surf side on.”

PWA: When you aren't windsurfing, what do you like to do?

TA: “When I’m not windsurfing ….I have to work hard in my business school « Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier ».”

“When I have enough time, my coach JJ Rivet gives me golf clubs so that I can practise and soon play on the nice courses I will discover on my trips. I had been amazed how many top athletes use this a game as a psy preparation!”

PWA: Favourite location to compete on the PWA and also free sailing?

TA: “Free sailing everywhere in Guadeloupe, and I really enjoyed Turkey this year! I’m impatient to discover new spots this year!”

PWA: What is your aim for next season? And, finally what would you like to achieve in the future?

TA: “First of all to confirm my title in the youth division, then try to win more heats, and discover even more all the parameters needed to go further … I know I need to work physically more, and tactically as well, that’s why with my other coach Stephane Krause  and JJ rivet, are planning a strong program.”

“And for the future like all the racers my dream is to reach the world lead…”

PWA: Thanks Tristan, good luck with your training over the next few months and we look forward to seeing you again in 2014. 

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