Northern Europe continues to be battered by wind and waves

With much of Northern Europe continuing to enjoy an epic autumn with wind and waves seemingly on tap, we revisit a slightly older video, giving a taste of the conditions you can score if you are willing to battle the slightly cooler temperatures. 

Ross Williams (Tabou / Gaastra) lives on the Isle of Wight and was joined by friend and fellow PWA competitor Jamie Hancock (Tabou), who produced a great video featuring one of Williams’ home beaches -Niton - which can produce a brilliant days wavesailing. By all accounts this apparently wasn’t a classic day, but it still looks great fun. Plus there’s the added bonus of not having to fight for every wave because of the lack of crowds. 

Williams makes the absolute most of the conditions on offer as he pulls off radical frontside wave 360s at will as well as landing perfectly executed backloops and pushloops. You can easily see how the Brit was ranked in the world’s top ten in 2012.

The UK and much of Northern Europe was hit by massive waves and wind again this weekend, with the famous ‘Cribbar’ reef exploding into life. Williams was again at the heart of the action and we’ll hopefully see video footage of that epic day soon.

For now enjoy Ross Williams ripping at his home break, which you can see here.