Team Fanatic International 2014 - Welcome Adam, Adrien & Max!

After our Press Release from November with Matteo Iachino (Fanatic / North / AL360) joining our team, we now would like to announce our complete International Windsurfing Team for 2014.

We are very happy to welcome another young talent to our International Wave Team: Adam Lewis (Fanatic / North) from the UK will be shredding the waves with our Quad & TriWave from now on!

Nik Baker, Fanatic ambassador and UK agent about Adam:

“I am super happy to have Adam in our International team and especially we at K66 are really stoked to finally have Adam join the team and family with Fanatic and NorthSails. He is already a loyal ION team rider and with his dedication to becoming the top UK and world wave sailor we are happy to be able to support him in every way for him to achieve his goals. Also this means we have a full on top pro UK wave guy at the British wave tour events for 2014 which is awesome news for us. We look forwards in watching his progress!”


Name: Adam Lewis

Sail Number: K-516 

Birthday: 29.02.1988 

Country: Great Britain Favourite discipline: Wave

Best results:

14th PWA Wave Overall 2013 

9th PWA Tenerife 2012&2013 

9th PWA Denmark 2013

7th PWA Sylt 2012

Favourite spot: Gnaraloo/West Oz or Cabezo/Tenerife 

Favourite Fanatic board: Quad TE 89 (so far!) 

Favourite manoeuvre: Wave 360 or Double Forwards

How I started Windsurfing: My Dad was an avid windsurfer when he was younger, but had to stop when he moved back to the UK. He started again to teach me and we learnt together at a small the lake in Somerset in the south of England, the rest is history.

Best windsurfing day in my life: I always get asked this one and it such a hard one to answer, there is so many!! But perhaps it would be the first day I got planing. I still remember exactly where it was, what gear I was on. The speed, freedom and joy, I was absolutely hooked from that day on.

Other sponsors besides Fanatic: NorthSails, ION, Swox Surf-protection

My Goals: I guess the most important is just to love what I do and love my time in and on the water! Contest wise: UK Champion, PWA podium, Top 5 PWA overall

My Slogan: If you think you can do it, do it!!!


Welcome to Fanatic! Thanks and thanks for believing in me, very stoked!

Did you try the boards already and what is your favourite? Yeah I’ve tried the Quad 89, I really liked it, but I haven’t had to chance to try anything else yet, I can’t wait to find out what my favourite is!

What do you think of your new team mates Klaas, Victor or Alessio - you just stayed with them in Chile?

Yeah, I loved Chile, it was really cool to sail with all the guys. It feels like a dream to be coming into such an amazing team.

Who is your biggest idol? In windsurfing/general sports? I guess it ́s probably Jason Polakow (JP / NeilPryde)  or Mick Fanning.

Which events are you doing in 2014? Im going to do the PWA tour and the UK BWA tour.

What are your plans for the winter months? I’d like to do a few trips back here in the UK, some training in Tenerife and then hopefully Maui in spring with the rest of the team.

Where would you like to be in ten year’s time? As long as I’m having as much fun in the water as I do now I’ll be happy!

Since Leon Jamaer (JP / NeilPryde) left our Wave Team, we decided to concentrate more on our young German/Spanish talent Alessio Stillrich (Fanatic / North / MFC) as well as Arthur Arutkin (Fanatic / North) from France and the French/German youngster Noah Voecker-Roche (Fanatic / North) from Lanzarote. They will be the next generation after our wave legends Victor and Klaas. Alessio showed some great potential doing the Tour for the first time now after finishing school and also Noah had his very first youth contests in Pozo and Tenerife, where he did really well. Unfortunately Arthur had to fight with a lot of injuries this season, but we are sure he will be back next year. Not to forget about our girls Alice Arutkin (Fanatic / North) from France who just was crowned as French Wave Champ as well as Nayra Alonso (Fanatic / Severne) from Spain who came back this season after having a baby last year. Adam Lewis will now be a great addition to all of them! We also would like to wish Leon all the best and thank him for the great relationship in the past 5 years.

Adrien Bosson (Fanatic / North) from Team France and Max Matissek (Fanatic / North) from Team Austria will be promoted to our International Freestyle Team. Adrien finished 12th in the PWA Freestyle Ranking 2014 and we are pretty sure that we will see him in the Top 10 next year. Also Max had a pretty good year and will more concentrate on International events and PR in the future. Adrien and Max are also both influential in the French and Austrian markets. The rest of the Freestyle Team with 5 times World Champion Gollito Estredo (Fanatic / North / MFC), Max Rowe (Fanatic / North) from the UK, Adrian Beholz (Fanatic / Sailloft Hamburg / Maui Ultra Fins) from Germany and last but not least our girls Yoli de Brendt (Fanatic / North), Laure Treboux (Fanatic / North) and young Maxime van Gent (Fanatic / North / Maui Ultra Fins).

Max Matissek: "I am stoked to the max to get the support of the leading brand in windsurfing boards and to be part of this amazing International Team from now on! It really pushes me to put more sweat, blood and tears to into my future projects!"

Adrien Bosson: “I'm really happy to move into the International team. I have been sailing on Fanatic and North sails since I started with Freestyle, when I was 13 years old. After a great year on the World Tour, where I finished 12th, I'm really motivated to be in the Top 10 next year. This extra support will help me a lot and I really appreciate it!”

New entry Matteo Iachino will be leading our Slalom Team together with Pierre Mortefon (Fanatic / North) from France, Marco Lang (Fanatic / North) from Team Austria and Tom Malina (Fanatic / North) from Team Czech Republic. Leaving the team will be Peter Volwater (Avanti) and Kurosh Kiani (Simmer), we wish them all the best for their future and thank them for their contribution to Fanatic over the last seasons.