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01/24/2014 - created by Chris Yates


Victor Fernandez’s annual epic trip to a Chilean paradise. Big moves, powerful waves and stunning scenery

Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / North / MFC) is a regular visitor to the world class conditions on offer in Chile. Fernandez visits Chile once a year to score some epic conditions and now he has just released his new video from the Chilean paradise.

Fernandez is one of the best wave sailors in the world due to his diverse range of jumping and radical wave riding and his latest video is no different. The 2010 PWA Wave World Champion - who finished the 2013 season in third place - delivers a supreme display of sailing as he hits the lip time-and-time again to launch himself into aerials galore as well as radical goiters and perfect frontside wave 360s. Everyone knows of Fernandez’s expertise in the air and he demonstrates this once more with perfectly executed doubles and tabletop forwards.

About the new video: “This video is called ‘From My Eyes’ and it was created by Victor Fernandez and his girlfriend Bea Sánchez during their last trip to Chile in November and December of 2013. They decided to call it ‘From My Eyes’ because it is a unique place that they like to go once every year and we love the waves, the conditions, the good moments and the general atmosphere.”

To see Chile from Victor’s eyes click here.

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