Jamie Hancock reflects on what could’ve been as well as looking to the future

Jamie Hancock (Tabou) made his best ever start to the PWA Wave World Tour in 2013 - finishing 9th in Tenerife, defeating the likes of Jonas Ceballos, Dario Ojeda (Tabou / Gaastra / MFC) and Klaas Voget (Fanatic / Simmer / MFC) - unfortunately for the talented Brit his competition year was cut short, almost immediately after Tenerife, suffering a freak broken leg. However, after a long and frustrating road to recovery Hancock is finally back on the water and looking to the future. We caught up with Jamie to find out more about his injury and how he kept himself occupied through his enforced time off the water. 

PWA: After finishing ninth in Tenerife, you were absent from Klitmoeller as well as the remaining events. What happened to you?

JH: “I broke my leg. It wasn’t even windsurfing which is the worst part. My ankle went over whilst running and my full weight going over meant something had to give and it was my lower fibula that snapped.”

PWA: How has your recovery gone? And are you back on the water now?

JH: “My recovery was as good as I could make it but time is the healer at the end of the day. I was on crutches and in a cast for about 2 months and in that time developed 2 blood clots below the knee where my leg had become so inactive from being in a cast. It didn’t really slow down my recovery time but can be quite serious.”

PWA: Did you find it difficult missing the remaining events after such a great start to the season?

JH: “Yes really difficult. I finished 9th at the first event in Tenerife beating Jonas, Dario and Klaas in the double. This was my best overall ranking and a good start to the PWA year. So yeah, was quite a blunder on my part getting injured a week later.”

PWA: How did you keep yourself occupied whilst you were recovering?

KH: “I tried to focus on videos. To start with I edited some previous footage then as soon as I was off the crutches I went and filmed my team mates Phil Horrocks and Ross Williams in the UK. It kept me sane and is something I really enjoy.”

PWA: Recently you've been releasing more and more feature clips, what is it about filming that you enjoy?

JH: “For myself personally the reason why I am windsurfing today where I am is from being inspired by the VHS videos I used to go and buy from my local windsurf shop. They used to basically be on repeat and fuelled my need to get back on the water and keep pushing. My focus with every video is to hopefully inspire a few others to get out on the water and go in search of their own adventures.” 

PWA: Do you set out with a plan of how you think the video should look, or do you work in the spur of the moment?

JH: “Filming is a bit new to me so I basically try to film so have more options when it comes to editing. The editing background definitely helps though when I have the camera in hand. I do the best I can with what I have and hope for the best. It’s easy to overthink things and end up being too critical and never actually putting anything together. These days I just get on with it, it’s all fun at the end of the day and just as long as I don’t produce something I think is sh*t.”

PWA: Do you prefer the filming side or the editing?

JH: “Editing.”

PWA: Finally, we here you’ve also changed sponsors. Who will you be sailing for now?

JH: “I have joined Vandal sails which is quite a big deal for me, and I will be continuing my association with Tabou.”

PWA: Thanks Jamie, good luck over the coming year.

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