Leon Jamaer tackles the fiercest storms whilst firmly making his mark on the PWA Wave World Tour

Leon Jamaer (JP / NeilPryde) made his debut on the PWA World Tour in 2008, now five years later the twenty-four year old is starting to make real waves through the windsurfing world. Last year marked Jamaer’s finest performance so far on the PWA World Tour, with the German continually producing fantastic performances at each event. Having performed at such a high level - with radical jumping and aggressive riding - Jamaer rightfully caught the attention of both the crowds and the judges and duly rewarded for his efforts with two top ten places in the opening two events. By the end of the year Jamaer had written his name into the overall top ten for the first time in his life and it looks as though he’ll only be going onwards and upwards from here on. 

After an outstanding year on the PWA, Jamaer was further rewarded for his magnificent performances during the Red Bull Storm Chase, where he eventually took home third place. After a groundbreaking year we caught up with Leon to find out more. Read the interview below:  

PWA: Last year saw you continually improving after a 7th place in Tenerife and then 5th in Denmark, how was this year for you and do you think you changed anything, either in your training or mentally to improve? 

LJ: “I didn’t change too much I think and my training last winter was pretty much zero. My sailing got a lot safer over the last few years though and I think I improved constantly in waveriding too. Mentally I now know better what to do and what not to do in a heat which sometimes isn´t as easy as it seems.”

PWA: Last year saw you break into the overall top ten for the first time ever, you must be delighted with how you performed? 

LJ: “Sure, I am more than happy how the year went even though I basically did good in only two events. I wish the conditions would have been a bit better at some events and I would have had the right gear for Ho’okipa and a couple of days before the contest to tune up.” 

PWA: What are your aims for next season and beyond? 

LJ: “I trained in Chile in November and am South Africa right now to tune all my new gear and be ready for the first contest in Gran Canaria. Further I didn´t plan yet.” 

PWA: Recently you joined the JP and NeilPryde team, congratulations, what were the main reasons for the move and your thoughts on joining the team? 

LJ: “I am thankful JP and NeilPryde wants me for their team and it’s great to have legends like Jason and Kauli as teammates! The main reason I changed my sponsors was that I was looking for new challenges, develop the best gear possible and grow as a wave sailor. They offered me all three of it.” 

PWA: After the event in Maui you headed to Chile, how were the conditions and overall impression of the place? 

LJ: “Chile is a nice place to get down to earth. It is one of places that is furthest away from western influence I have traveled to so far. Everything is raw and nice, the people, the landscape the conditions... I spend everyday in the water, either surfing or windsurfing and met lots of great people! I can´t wait to return one day.” 

PWA: Finally congratulations on finishing third in the Red Bull Storm Chase - How did you find the overall experience of the RBSC? 

LJ: “The RBSC is something I still don´t fully realize. The whole project got bigger and bigger and I am honored I could be part of it from start to finish. To pick one moment I would say the second day of competition in Tasmania. In the last heat of that mission I knew I already had a few decent scores and at some points the conditions turned fully on and I caught wave after wave... I didn’t need to worry too much about points, broken gear and anything - just pure joy!”

PWA: Thanks Leon, good luck with the rest of your training and we’ll look forward to seeing you competing again very soon.