Freestyle on a whole other level with Jeremy Plüs, Loick Spicher and the star of the show Hugo de Sousa

Jericoacoara and Camocim and now world famous windsurfing destinations in Brazil, particularly for the world’s best freestylers. This winter Jeremy Plüs (Tabou / Gaastra) and Loick Spicher (RRD) visited Brazil once more where they also trained a lot with Hugo de Sousa (RRD / Maui Ultra Fins).

As well as training together the trio have also just produced a fantastic new movie together, which sees freestyle go to a whole other level again. Plüs and Spicher both sail exceptionally well with perfectly executed konos, burners and a whole lot more, but it really is de Sousa - who is lucky enough to call this paradise home - who steals the show. 

de Sousa made his debut on the PWA Freestyle World Tour in July 2013 in Fuerteventura. It’s fair to say the youngster struggled slightly with the gusty cross-off shore winds and choppy waters that he was faced with, but their is no denying that he has all the skills to one day compete for the world title. In the Brazilian’s section of the movie, the level is ludicrous. de Sousa quite literally explodes through air funnel into burners, huge air skopus and air kabikuchis. The height at which the moves are performed at are perhaps the most impressive thing and almost unrivalled. Away from the flat waters of Camocim, de Sousa, has also been practising his jumping and he’s clearly incredibly talented in that department too as he lands perfect air chachoos and monster air funnels and culos. This is definitely one movie you can’t afford to miss and it’s safe to say that de Sousa is a massive name to watch in the coming months, as he’s certainly one of the most exciting new talents out there at the moment.

To see this jaw dropping new movie click here.