A year in the life of Eva Oude Ophuis

The standard of sailing within the windsurfing world continues to rise year-upon-year, both the males and females of our fantastic sport keep pushing themselves to the limits in order to keep the progression rate extraordinarily high and Eva Oude Ophuis (Fanatic / North) is no different. Ophuis finished 2013 in sixth place overall on the PWA Women’s World Tour, and you can see why with her no fear, go for it attitude. No matter the weather or the conditions the Dutch woman is out their ripping, whether it be her favored waves or a bit of freestyle.

What Eva has to say about her new movie:

I just finished a short clip of some windsurf video material from all kind of places over the world: Hawaii, Canaries, Brazil, Denmark and my home: The Netherlands. 
My actual plan was to make a video of one of my trips, but most off the time instead of filming, I ended up my spare time by sailing on the water (how it supposed to be). Besides my boyfriend is a very addicted windsurfing him self too, so it’s a bit of a struggle to have a private camera man… Not that I want it any different, because sharing our passion together on the water is one of the best things there is.

But why not make a short clip of all different kind of filming material together of last year(s)? It’s not that I only train and windsurf on one spot. Windsurfing for me is travelling and exploring windsurfing spots all over the world. For me it is more that just a sport, it is a passion!

With friends, family, people of work/university a lot of the time the subject arise what you do besides working or hobbies? If I tell them I windsurf I hear a lot of the following reactions:
- Windsurfing? You mean like kiting? Yeah, kiting seems like fun!
- Windsurfing? Pretty old fashioned sport eh?
- Windsurfing? Is that with a sail?
- And so on…. I guess you heard a lot of them yourself.
Surprised reactions are not uncommon if I tell them you can do it all over the world as long as there is wind (and there better be waves too) and you can also jump and waveride with it. I especially love those faces when it is a cold rainy day in Holland and I tell them I go windsurfing right now. I can really appreciate weather when most people are complaining about it. To show them what I do during windsurfing I put together this little clip with freeride, a little freestyle, jumping and a bit of wave riding. Just to get an impression what windsurfing is for me.

Last but not least, special thanks to all my different kinds of camera man/woman who made this filming material possible! Especially Jan Peter Popta and Carl Calle Nyberg.
Thereby also big thanks to my sponsors: Fanatic, North Sails, ION and Sportzeker!

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