Pablo Ramirez - A new breed of wave sailor destined right for the very top


Pablo Ramirez (Patrik / Sailloft) is one of the new generation of wave sailors who is continually pushing the limits in order to progress. The eighteen year old made his debut during the PWA Tenerife World Cup in 2011 and since then he has continue to improve at astonishing rate. 

As an up and coming talent we caught up with Ramirez to find out how his winter training has been going, as well as getting to know him a little bit better. Read the interview below:

PWA: You used to be on Goya and you’re now sailing on Patrik and Sailloft, when did you change sponsor and how do you like your new equipment?

PR: “I changed from Goya/Goya to Sailloft/Patrick Diethelm in January, and I´m loving the new gear, everything is very light and I really like it! (Nothing against Goya, they have a really great gear too).”

PWA: In Pozo what setup are you using? Twin, Thruster, Quad? Why?

PR: “At Pozo I´m using my Patrick Diethlem board on a Thruster combination, for me this is the best combination as you have quite a lot of drive (almost like a Quad), but it keeps some loose like a Twin.”

PWA: When you sail at other spots do you change your board setup, if so how?

PR: “I´m keeping the Thruster set up for all the spots, I just change some fins positions depending on the conditions (for example if I want more drive, I separate the fins a little bit and on the other hand I put them closer together if I need more looseness).”

PWA: How has this winter been in Pozo for your training?

PR: “Sincerely, it has been the best winter I have had in my life! We have enjoyed a lot of perfect surfing swells and several windsurfing days at home, so for my own training it has been really good!” 

PWA: In your latest video it looks like you’re getting close to double forwards, how is that going and when did you start trying them?

PR: “I tried a few last summer, and now I begun trying them again since 1 month or so… But there is still a long way to finally do them fine, it´s such a hard move!”

PWA: When you’re not windsurfing, what else do you like to do?

PR: “I begun to train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and some MMA since last summer with Dario Ojeda, it´s a really good and complete training and it´s similar to windsurfing or surfing (Once you try it you get addicted) so I think it´s perfect for no wind and no waves days! 

I also go surfing, SUPing and some gym sometimes… Apart of that I love to make videos, so I´m editing and filming very often”

PWA: Finally, what are your aims for the next year and the future?

PR: “My aims for next year is to travel a little bit more, keep training and making videos and hopefully improve my results on the PWA World Tour. For the future, for sure I will keep sailing and trying to become a top rider, and of course my goal would be to become world champion one day. I’d also like to take the chance to thank my sponsors Sailloft, Patrick Diethlem, Aeron booms, and Xcel for their support, without them it wouldn’t be possible!”

PWA: Thanks Pablo, good luck with the rest of your training and see you in Pozo.

To see Pablo Ramirez enjoying his perfect winter in Pozo click here.