Pushloop your way to glory with these top tips

Want to impress your mates on the beach? Why not start the pushloop journey now and be the envy of everyone. We caught up with some of the top sailors in the world to gain their top tips on how to pushloop your way to glory.

Martin ten Hoeve (Goya Windsurfing / Point-7)

“Search for a steep ramp and as you approach the ramp carve slightly upwind so you launch off the breaking section. Enter the move like a normal backloop, then just before you reach the highest point of the jump you have to throw your feet over your body, keep your fronthand sheeted in (bent front elbow) and then push out with your backhand. It’s really important to push out hard with your backhand to stop yourself over rotating.”

Adam Lewis (Fanatic / North)

“First of all the best conditions to learn to pushloop in are when you are really powered up and on as small a sail as possible because this makes the whole rotation really easy. One of the most important things is choosing the right ramp, so you are looking for a ramp that is like a backloop ramp, but not quite as steep, this helps you to keep some forward momentum as you come round to finish the move. When you jump you want to throw your head right back so that you are looking at the mast tip. As you did this you need to pull you front arm in and push out with your backhand. To try and make the rotation a bit easier try and tuck in your with legs to make yourself more compact.”

John Skye (RRD / MFC)

“The number one thing is to make sure you have a lot of speed and power. You definitely don’t want to be underpowered for pushloops. When you take off throw your rig slightly more into the wind than a backloop. One of the key things for me is really pulling your front hand in as you go through the wind. As you come round, having your front hand bent then allows you to straighten it to stop the rotation.”