Day 3: Taty Frans is officially the fastest man of the pool

After yesterday’s amazing conclusion to the first PWA Indoor event in eight years, the spotlight shifted to the Red Bull Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge on the final day of the weekend, which saw sailors blitzing their way down the pool through two speed gates as they battled it out for the honour of being crowned the fastest man in the pool.

Sailors were given three runs a piece to set their fastest speed and eventually it was Taty Frans (Starboard / Mystic / MFC), who set the pool alight with a speed of 45.7km/h - almost 25 knots - to steal the victory from under the nose of Nicolas Akgazciyan (99 International / Point-7 / Maui Ultra Fins / AL360) on his final run as the Bonairean took the final title of the weekend.

That wraps up an amazing weekend here at Poland’s National Stadium as indoor windsurfing returned with an emphatic bang in front of thousands of fans. We’ll see you again next week for the next event as the elite of the wave sailing world head to Denmark’s famed Cold Hawaii Coast for the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, which begins on the 15th September.

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