2015 Ulsan PWA World Cup - Day 2

Tantalisingly close, yet so frustratingly far.

The second day of the 2015 Ulsan PWA World Cup started off promising, but failed to deliver in the end. With a good forecast and the thermal winds kicking in already early in the day, the stage seemed set for the first heats of the event. And while the wind was indeed more than strong enough in the gusts, it was the lulls that threw the much unwanted spanners in the works. While the sailors made the conditions seem great at times, the race crew had the tough task of holding off on racing until the wind was strong enough throughout the entire racecourse. Just after lunchtime, the crew gave the green light and decided to try and sail the first men's heat. But just as the contestants arrived at the starting line, the conditions deteriorated, leaving the race committee no choice but to stand down again. The rest of the afternoon the wind played a frustrating waiting game with the fleet, coming close a few times, but never really pushing through.

While the conditions may not have been suitable for professional racing today, Jinha Beach demonstrated once again its potential as a first class slalom location with its clear water, sandy beaches and sideshore winds.

Tomorrow it looks like the weather will turn, bringing some rain, but hopefully wind as well. Conditions appear to be most promising in the morning, so we're reconvening at the beach at 08:30 for the skippers meeting. If the wind is up, it's the men who get to kick off the event at 09:00 sharp.

Pictures of the second day of the 2015 Ulsan PWA World Cup are up in the image gallery. Hopefully tomorrow we can add some racing shots as well.

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