2015 Ulsan PWA World Cup - Day 4

Different conditions, same outcome at Jinha Beach.

Day 4 of the Ulsan PWA World Cup saw the return of the sun, accompanied by an offshore breeze. The forecast looked promising and could very well have materialised into sailable conditions, but unfortunately the wind speed never reached the minimum required for competition.

After mostly variable winds in the morning, the wind direction stabilised in the early afternoon. With an offshore wind gusting up to 15 knots, the race committee took to the water to set out the course far out to sea. But their efforts soon turned out to be in vain, as the wind not only dropped as quickly as it picked up, but also started shifting again, making it very difficult for the race crew to plot out a course. Therefore, they were left with no choice but to come back in and wait for improvement.

Then around 1600, the wind suddenly picked up again and the fleet was put on standby. But as soon as the sailors went on high alert, the wind disappeared, taking with it all hope for a result today.

With two more days to go, the wind is expected to swing back to the south tomorrow, which is the right direction for the local funnel effect to work. With high hopes for suitable racing conditions, tomorrow's skipper's meeting is scheduled for 10:00 with a first possible start at 10:30. Fingers crossed for two days of competition at the 2015 Ulsan PWA World Cup.

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