The Monkey Show Is Back

The Monkey Show is Back featuring Ricardo Campello with the very best of his action ahead of Pozo 2015

Ricardo Campello (Patrik / Point-7 / MFC) has just released a new movie ‘The Monkey Show is Back’. You may remember a previous movie called ‘The Monkey Show’ with Campello in 2012, but this is a completely new version featuring the very best of Campello’s training in Pozo this year before the start of the 2015 Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival, which kicks off on the 12th July.

Ricardo Campello about the Monkey Show is Back:

“THE MONKEY SHOW IS BACK - If you click on this link you can have some of the best session I’ve had in Gran Canaria so far, it costs $1 to watch it, but 50% of the funds will go to 3 windsurfing foundations to help the kids get windsurfing equipment and all the necessary stuff they need and get them away from drugs and the bad world. It’s 4 minutes of my best action and I really hope you enjoy it, remember the more views I get the more you are helping out the kids! Thanks again for the support.” 

If you’d like to see Ricardo Campello in ‘The Monkey Show is Back’ click here.