Transfer Season

Maxime van Gent heads back to where it all began with JP, while also joining NeilPryde

Recently Maxime van Gent, who finished the season ranked 6th overall in the women’s freestyle, parted company with Fanatic and North to join the JP Australia and NeilPryde team. After her move we caught up with the Bonairean beauty for a quick interview:

So, after a few years with Fanatic and North you are back on the gear you first started out on -- JP and NP -- how does it feel to be back where you started?  

Maxime: “Well of course i'm super stoked about my new sponsorships,  it's my first time sailing for NeilPryde though... But yes I was on JP Australia before. I'm really happy that they took me back on their team and that they are willing to support me.”  

You had a pretty busy and amazing schedule last year travelling all over Europe with Amado… how was the whole experience for you? 

Maxime: “Ooowwwyeaaaj…!!  2015 was an amazing year !!! I've  been to so many great places and got to know sooo many people, It’s just a great experience to travel around Europe for 5 months especially when you live on a small island like Bonaire. The world is so big and amazing. The trip kinda got me addicted to traveling.”

If you had to try and pick one or two moments… what would the highlights be?  

Maxime: “Mmmm I have quite a lot of highlights... But the moment when my mum surprised me in Fuerte was definitely a big one.

And the Alacati trip was amazing... I'm in love with this place… Great people, good food, amazing memories and I met a lot of new friends.

One more highlight...! Hahaha since I started windsurfing I always wondered what Sylt could be like.... Because everybody on Bonaire was always talking about Sylt and how much fun it is! Well, I got to go there and yesss its funnn! And great parties hahahaha.”

And any lowlights? 

Maxime: “Umm... Not so many lowlights ... Of course when you go on a trip with another person there are some ups and downs, but you just learn from it and talk it out. 

Well, another lowlight was when we got stuck on an island one day.... We were in Croatia and we decided to go to this other island because the parties were supposed to be better there… So, we were there took some drinks had fun and then we were going to the party place, but there was NO ONE at the party.... So we decided to go back home… but there were no boats to bring us back… Sooo we slept in a closed restaurant outside waiting for the boat I think we had to wait for almost 6 hours.”

After such a long time away from Bonaire, how did it feel to return? 

Maxime: “Well nothing really changed, I was just excited to see my family and friends again.”

What’s in store for you in 2016? 

Maxime: “Well at the moment I am just working so I have some money to travel with. I am planing to go to Maui for the photoshoot of Neilpryde / JP and after that I still have to see what I am going to do, I will also go to Fuerte of course.”

Thanks Maxime and good luck for the coming year.

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