Red Bull Storm Chase

Official Announcement: The Chase is ON

The Red Bull Storm Chase waiting period begins and the next Force 10 storm means time for action!

Ireland? The UK? The savage northwest coast of France? Where the next Force 10 storm will hit, nobody knows – but what we do know is Red Bull Storm Chase will be there when it does.

With 14 sailors ready and waiting, the only ingredient missing in the recipe is a powerful storm – and the spot we’re going to ride it. But that’s what makes the Red Bull Storm Chase the most unique windsurfing contest in the world – and one of the most difficult.

The waiting period is a crucial aspect of the reactive nature of Red Bull Storm Chase. Rather than settle for unknown conditions at a known time and place, we flipped the typical contest format on its head – no one knows when or where it will happen, but we know it will be epic.

Even once the storm hits, finding the spot is not an easy task – in addition to suitable storm sailing conditions, proximity to a major airport, safe access to the beach for staff and emergency personnel is an absolute must.

Initial alerts will go out 124 hours before the potential start. Upon confirmation of the green light 72 hours before the contest start, riders will have 48 hours to be onsite at the event location. Inability to arrive (with gear) means a rider will forfeit their place to another rider on the nominee list.

The contest period ends March 12th. If no suitable storm presents itself, the contest will not be held.

Key Facts:

— The world’s toughest windsurfing contest, requiring a Force 10 storm in a suitable

location to occur

— Contest window begins January 9th, 2017 and runs to March 12th, 2017

— Riders judged on jumps and wave riding – execution of tricks

— Four riders are qualified from last event; four riders will be chosen from the shortlist

of ten nominees

— Fans (and riders) can propose locations

— Event is confirmed only 72 hours before the start of competition

Additional Info

Location and Safety

As stated, the mobile and reactive nature of the contest means the location is yet unknown. However, priority will be given to locations that offer: a likely combination of Force 10 wind and waves; close proximity to an international airport, adequate medical coverage and emergency services, and an absolute guarantee of adequate water access. During the given weather window these conditions are most likely to form in the Northern Hemisphere. Full safety crews consisting of watersports and medical professionals will be onsite to assist in the event of an emergency.

Event Coverage and Timing

A ‘watch’ alert will go out approximately 120 hours before the event, and confirmation will come just 72 hours before the event, at which point, riders and event crews will travel to the selected location. Pre, mid, and post-event, updates will be available online at


Instagram: @redbullstormchase