Technique Time

How to tweak pushloop with Leon Jamaer

The tweaked pushloop up one of the most stylish looking jumps out there and it is an extremely popular move on the wave scene. So, if you’ve got the pushloop dialled and are wondering how to take your sailing to the next level again, why not venture into the world of tweak pushloops. Leon Jamaer (JP / NeilPryde) performs one of the most stylish tweaked pushloops on tour, so we caught up with him to outline the key differences between the classic pushloop and the tweaked. Read his tips below:

Leon Jamaer on the tweaked pushloop: “The key to tweaked pushloops in my eyes is the separation of the rotation of the upper body and rig from the legs and board rotation. Performing a classic pushloop the whole body plus rig and board normally do more or less the same backwards rotation — with all the movements pointing in a similar direction. Whereas for tweaked pushloops the trick is to start the rotation with the rig and upper body and leave the legs and board where they are. Only when you reach a fully tweaked body position do you start pushing the sail upwards again and then you will find the legs and board will follow.”

Good luck on your tweaked pushloop journey.