8 Reasons

Why you should never date a windsurfer

While windsurfers have many great qualities about them they can also be quite selfish which can make them a difficult breed to date… So don’t say you haven’t been warned if you choose to date one… you’ve got all this to look forward too…

1. You will always come second…

That’s because the wind and ocean are where their heart is. It’s not that they don’t love you, but the rush of chasing a forecast and scoring epic conditions is a feeling hard to beat.

2. Eventually, you’ll become a surf widow or widower.

Friend: “Why didn’t [said significant other’s name] come to [said important event]?” 

You: “The wind and waves were all time.”

3. Don’t expect to spend quality time with them at the beach.

Think that dating a windsurfer will lead to great weekends chilling on the beach together? Forget it. A windsurfer won’t be able to stay on the beach as soon as it’s 15 knots or more - so prepare to get good at entertaining yourself... At least you can watch them do what they love, right?

4. Their idea of a career will be a lot different than yours.

Windsurfers aren’t unfocused or irresponsible, they just have a different set of priorities and scoring the best conditions possible comes top of that list. Career goals? Pretty much any job that will give them more time on the water, because you know the saying a bad day on the water still beats a good day in the office. 

5. The first thing they’ll do when they wake up is check the forecast…

And if it’s good you can pretty much rule out spending any time with them as they’ll be straight out the door and heading to the beach quicker than you can say goodbye.

6. If there hasn’t been any wind for more than a week, prepare to deal with a grumpy, irritated human who will behave more like an angry toddler than an adult.

They literally have no idea what to do with themselves when they haven’t been on the water for a week and if the drought goes on longer than that god help you. 

7. If there’s a storm of the century on the horizon, they’ll drop everything, grab their gear, and head in that direction - even if it means booking flights and heading to a different country or continent. The majority of windsurfers love a road / air trip and they’ll be nothing you can do to stop them.

8. Enjoy lie ins at the weekend after a long week?

Nope that’s another thing to wave goodbye to if you date a windsurfer and the conditions look good… even if it is zero degrees outside, raining and Sunday morning. THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN LIE INS…