The Sylt PWA 2004 Labello Grand Slam Day 5

Williams and McKercher take it easy as the wind fails to show here in Sylt today.

Williams and McKercher take it easy as the wind fails to show here in Sylt today.








It’s been a glorious day here on the beach as the sailors and spectators have been relaxing in the sun, drinking a Nestea and listening to the continuous stream of interviews and features that have been broadcast over the event PA system.


With three days of competition still to go and with a promising forecast for the weekend the sailors are confident of more competition.


With 20,000+ spectators expected over the weekend everybody is keen to show the world what is possible with today’s modern windsurfing equipment. Jumps in excess of 30ft and speeds well over 40 mph, windsurfing is certainly an exciting sport to watch and with the benefit of excellent commentary here in Sylt the spectators are certainly in for a treat -that comes to town just once a year.


As it stands Scott McKercher is in line for his first world wave sailing championship title and Steve Allen is holding on to his PWA racing rankings lead. Scott seems pretty chilled and is saying he is keeping his feet on the ground until this event is finished.


“Who knows what the wind will do. I’ve seen this place fire in everything from 20 knots to 40 knots. The weather systems move fast in this part of the world so a windless day can very well be followed by an epic session. You just can’t tell.” Said Scott.


Steve Allen has had a world title before and is very aware that with one more event to go in the PWA racing year (Almanarre) there is still a long way to go before he can place the PWA racing crown on his head.


It is certainly going to be an exciting few days here in Sylt. Check out for action from the last days here in Sylt.

Stay tuned to for updates and news stories as the event moves into its 7th day.