Undercurrents - Inside info direct from the source - 2004 Wave World Champ Scott

Here’s a letter we received from 2004 Wave World Champion - Scott McKercher that he wrote to us the other day.


Hi All Whoa what a year!



Getting home and a million and one things to do, all good though, stoked to get back.




So what shall i write?


My Year.


Obviously very happy with how it turned out.

If you told me this at the beginning of the year I would have said you were dreaming.

It was very refreshing to be competing back on Maui again, even though I sailed one of the worst heats of my life in the losers round.


I was a privileged to watch the finals however with the guys that made it up there putting up a fantastic show. Kauli, Levi Kevin and Keith were all ripping, and then Jason and Josh just took it to another level.

It's a shame that it was only a small event and that it didn't count towards the overall.


I didn't spend as much time as I usually do at Pozo because we went on a trip to Madagascar which was as big an eye-opener that I've ever had, total third world with 1st class waves; the complete experience.


Then I came back and had a crack at super cross which I found out not to be my cup of tea. Basically I sucked.


So then coming into Pozo I didn't have any great expectations. Especially when I saw the draw and realized I would have to get though Jonas and Victor Fernadez, who I rate as a couple of young guys that have what it takes to be winners at Pozo now.



Anyway, as fate would have it, things were all in place, thanks to a good mind set and some good boards and sails. The cards kept falloing my way and I ended up sailing thorough to the top at Pozo, which really suprised me, especially being in a Final with Vidar Jensen who along with Bjorn has dominated Pozo for the last 10 years.


Wasn't wanting to think about titles or anything like that when I went home for a few weeks to go home and up tot he desert northwest to get some proper waves. Was a good trip but not epic, but definitely got some epic waves surfing.




Always feeling clean and refreshed after a trip up there I was ready to go Sylt.


Not that you can ever be ready for Sylt with conditions and the forecast ready to change at any moment.

The competition we had there wasn't easy. 5.7 dead onshore, and taking 15 minutes just to get off the beach, if you were lucky. Not really my cup of tea.


Actually had a pretty good heat to get through, finding more ramps than I thought was possible to make it through to the final 16.And as Fate would have it, that was all she wrote, with the wind threatening to come back many times during the back end of that week, but in the end failing to materialize.


So that left me sitting at the top of the pile and feeling quite perplexed by it all.


But I enjoyed it none the less. Having a few drinks felt pretty good that day.And now I've just got home to Western Australia after a short stop off in Maui. The conditions there weren't quite on, with good forecasts at home, so it was time to get a movin’.Already had a couple of good sessions and looking forward to a whole summer's more.