Under Currents: ANTOINE ALBEAU talks about his year on tour.

PWA Formula World Champion and overall number one in prize money ANTOINE ALBEAU talks about his year on tour.

2004 PWA Formula World Champion and number one in prize money ANTOINE ALBEAU talks about his year on tour.


Q: How did it feel to win the PWA Formula title for 2004?


AA: It was a big relief! I was hoping not to come second again and it was really my main aim for 2004 to win the title. I felt like I deserved it too because I know how many hours I have put into training and how much preparation has gone into making all my equipment work. I also wanted to win the title for my sponsors because they are the best and they have supported me for a long time now.




Q: Has that been your ambition for the last few years?


AA: Only since I have been racing on the PWA circuit!!! I have been Production World Champion before but not PWA Champion, winning the Freestyle title was great but it was the Race I really wanted!


Q: How nervous were you going into the last event in Almanarre?


AA: Very nervous! The week itself was difficult - I didn't answer my phone very much at the end as I couldn't handle any distractions and I spent the last 2 days in my friend's camping car playing cards non-stop! The waiting game was very hard but I was still ready to fight if the wind arrived. Luckily I had plenty of people to support me.




Q: Was there any particular moment or race that swung it for you?


AA: Not really - I took each race as it came and did my best.


Q: You are a big guy...does that make it much tougher when the wind is light?


AA: Of course there has to be some difference, and sometimes I wish I was as light as Ross or Gonzalo because they can fly in light wind. But I have very good equipment and tactics play a big part in any race.




Q: Did you have a special sail that you used last season?


AA: I was on productions sails but mostly 12m.


Q: Where have you been sailing over the last few months?


AA: Since Almanarre I have been very busy - we had the final national event in France straight after, and then I went to Maui for more testing with Neil Pryde and several photo shoots. Now I am at home on the Ile de Re waiting for the swell to come or for snow to fall!


Q: What are your plans for 2005?


AA: To do everything! I want to keep my Race title, get the Super X and keep going in Waves, Speed and Indoor whenever possible. I still think that it is best to be good in as many disciplines as possible. I don't know how the guys who only do one thing do not get bored - there are not enough events in any one discipline to keep me occupied! And I think it is good for me personally and also good for my sponsors to always give 100%. That is what I get paid to do - not just to sit around at home!


Q: How many days did you sail last year?


AA: It’s probably easier to ask how many days DIDN'T I sail.... well, just about everyday that there was wind and I wasn't in a plane or driving somewhere in my van. If I do take a day off from sailing then I go tow-in surfing or something. I'm almost always in the water! Its good exercise and it keep me in touch with the ocean.