Undercurrents: Ricardo Campello Interview

Q: Where have you been since you won your 2004 overall freestyle title in Pozo?


RC: Most of the time I have been here at home in Margarita spending time with my friends and family. I have done a few trips around the world for sponsor promotion.




Q: Where was your favourite place to compete in 2004?


RC: My favourite place was in Pozo, for sure, the wind is always strong and the sailing is radical. Lanzarote was very similar to Pozo the conditions were kind of freestyle wave so it was also super fun...


Q: Did you have any particular heat where it all came together and you could do nothing wrong?


RC: My last final in Pozo went very well, I scored 10 out of ten with all the judges. I landed around seventeen moves in five minutes. I think I was sailing against Kauli. I had already won the title by then so I was completely relaxed and just flowed with it.




Q: Do you enjoy the travel side of the PWA tour?


RC: I do, its fun going to new places and meeting new people, I would actually like to compete at more events if I could.


Q: Have you been sailing a lot back at home?


RC: Nope. Not really I was relaxing a bit fishing, kiting and wakeboarding and making some business round here.


Q: Is Margarita windy every single day?


RC: Lately no. something is wrong with the wind in Margarita, but the high season is coming soon. Hope it comes back soon I can get back on the water and start training for 2005.




Who do you normally sail with?


RC: Normally at home I sail with Cheo, Gollito, Diony Alexis, Zabala and some other local friends…it’s a pretty hot crew. When its windy we are all pushing each other to the extremes.


Q: Have you got any new moves you are working on?


RC; Not really, I haven’t been in the water much cause of the wind. I have some ideas in my mind but for now I keep them to myself. A lot of the moves just come in a flash of inspiration when I am out free sailing.


Q: How tough is it to get consistent on the latest technical freestyle moves?


RC: It is very tough. Once you reach a certain level a lot of the pressure is in your mind just concentrate and stay focussed.


Q: What are your plans for the 2005 season?


RC: Next year I really wanna focus on the wave discipline, I think and hope I can do pretty well, so I will try it out, and of course try to hold my freestyle title again.


Q: How much time a day do you spend on a computer?


RC: Depends on the day some time I download music and chat with friends for about 2 hours in the morning and 2 at night also surfing in the net etc. So it can be four hours a day.


Q: What’s in your wallet?


RC: Not much money, credit cards, ID, driving license. But actually when I am at home I never take a wallet with me, I always leave it at the house!


Q: Words to Live by?


RC: Live life!