PWA Youth Slalom & Wave World Cup

Victor Fernandez to host PWA Youth Slalom and Wave World Cup in Almerimar at start of January 2018

As we’ve seen over the last few seasons the level on the Youth PWA circuit is extremely high and continually increasing, but to ensure that that level of progression continues, youth contests play an essential part, as they provide the perfect platform to nurture the next generation of world class sailors.

Now two-time PWA Wave World Champion - Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / NorthSails / Shamal Sunglasses) - has stepped up and will host a Youth PWA Slalom and Wave World Cup on the 2nd-5th January at his home spot of Almerimar, Spain - held at the Victor Fernandez Center - adding to Youth World Cups in Pozo and Tenerife. 

The contest will be divided into 4 age brackets:

Under 20s

Under 17s

Under 15s

Under 13s

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So, if you fall into those age categories and fancy battling it out on the world stage, whether you have competed before or are looking to compete for the first time - then you can do so via the following link: and clicking on registration - followed by completing the registration form. 

More Info About Almerimar - El Ejido - Almería, Spain

Almerimar is an urbanisation in the municipal of El Ejido, in the southwest of Almería. This place is known around the world as the ‘sea of plastic’ as the miles of greenhouses which are there for the cultivation of vegetables form an extension so large that it can be seen clearly from space. It’s situated in front of the Alborán Sea and has become one of the most important places to windsurf in southern Europe.

Because of its unique geospatial location, it’s one of the places with the highest number of windy days throughout the year, so it works with all conditions and there are several spots that allow you to surf whenever there is wind. The beaches are sandy and if the wind has any westerly component, you can find waves in the whole bay. 


Club de Playa is located in the entrance to the port, between the port wall and the breakwater which forms a small bay where with easterly winds (Levante), the water is usually flat and ideal for practising freestyle or slalom, although it can be gusty due to the port but you can sail further out where the wind is cleaner. If the wind is westerly (Poniente), it is constant and creates good waves thanks to the breakwater. There are various waves, being bigger and more powerful in the port entrance during the winter. It’s a good wave for getting air as well as surfing if you have an advanced level. The wave nearest to the shore has various good sections for surfing frontside and backside and there are always good ramps for jumping. The wind is side-onshore and the waves are cleaner. From December to May the wind is more radical, above all when it enters with W-SW and side-shore, meaning that the waves can reach three metres. The world champion Víctor Fernández grew up in Almerimar and the VFC Windsurf Centre, here you can rent first class material, is just in front of this spot. If the wind changes completely to N, it disappears from the bay due to the geographical location and the mountains behind, making it perfect for surfing.

A little further west is Mar Azul, another spot located in front of the old Camping Mar Azul, where the wind is side-shore and if it has an easterly component, it’s a good place for freestyle and slalom. However the best spot to sail with easterly winds is the legendary Culoperro, where you’ll find small waves that are sufficient for jumping and side-onshore wind. It’s at the end of the San Miguel Bay, on the Guardias Viejas beach. One of the Spanish Wave and Slalom Championships has been held there since 1987. In Culoperro the shore is stony and has sea urchins; due to the quay of the old salt mines which have been converted into an artificial lake which is also known as Los Pinchos. With W-SW wind it is side-shore, there is no shore break and the wave is longer and less powerful than at Mar Azul or Club de Playa. However with radical conditions the wind is more intense in Culoperro and it is very similar to the entrance of Club de Playa.

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