Somewhere in Portgual

Maria Andres’ Portuguese gamble pays off with perfect DTL conditions

Maria Andres (Fanatic / NorthSails ) has been ranked as high as 4th in the world for slalom (2014), but last year chose not to compete on the race course. However, the Spaniard still competed in two wave events - Gran Canaria and Tenerife - where she finished joint 13th in both.

Like most avid windsurfers the 33-year-old constantly monitors forecasts in the search for wind and waves and recently a forecast for somewhere in Portugal appeared and she decided to take the gamble and travel from Spain in the hope of great conditions.

Maria Andres: “Seeing a strong levante forecast, we decided to gamble on a quick trip to Portugal in search of down the line wave sailing conditions. We scored two fun days on the water, sailing with just a few close friends in an idyllic setting. The gamble paid off handsomely!”

As you can see from Maria Andres’ latest video you can see that they scored perfect down-the-line wave riding conditions  -